Best Day Ever!

I met some new people last weekend at Calvary Chapel South Bay. I spoke at a conference for children’s leaders/teachers/workers/volunteers. It was the BEST day ever!


The conference began much like others at which I have spoken over the years, but the faces were all brand new.

I can not explain it. Something else was different too. Everyone seemed pumped with exhilaration.

What struck me was that – while looking into a sea of new faces – it seemed every one of them had the same heart for kids. It’s like we all had this unspoken bond, “What can we do to reach kids for God?”

There were people from Arizona, Sacramento, Escondido, Torrance and Fullerton among other cities. Every age, race and fashion trend were represented in the audience. Tattoos were sitting next to the church lady and no one cared.

It was one of those days that completely caught me off guard. Excitement was in the air. I went expecting to teach until exhaustion hit, but came home surprisingly refreshed by the contagious passion in each classroom.

A guy named Jeff talked with me about his music ministry. He was so passionate about  impacting kids for Jesus with scripture put to music, I thought the vein in the side of his forehead was going to pop. I bought all his stuff- JumpStart3. Check it out.

I heard stories of kids who come to church for the snacks; because, there is no food at home for breakfast. So, KEEP the Goldfish ministry at your church stocked on weekends!

I heard about a seven year old girl who comes to church to get hugs; because, she doesn’t get any at home. She gets hit at home.

This is why we do Sunday School! This is why I wrote Teaching Kids Authentic Worship.

Nine year old John comes to church because he feels important when a teacher helps him with a craft. At home, he is told he just “gets in the way.”

One man who sat through my class (I’ll call him Sam) told me he was new to this area of ministry – teaching Sunday school.  He said he would continue to teach; because, his pastor had told him a little boy in their church comes every week just so he can sit next to him. The little boy has no dad, and Sam promised to be there every Sunday for him.

It takes so little to impact a child for eternity. If every one who claims to be a Christian just showed up to teach in the children’s department at church once a month- the potential is there to change lives forever.

Yes, this is Southern California! Abuse is happening all around us and church is a respite for children- you least expect to be- desperately in need of help.

Thank you to all who blessed me last Saturday.  It was the BEST DAY EVER.


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