A WOW for the Day!

Have I mentioned we have ten grandchildren? Well, it is becoming increasingly obvious how “technical things” are beguiling our precious kids – from video games, to cell phones, to TV shows and mechanical toys that completely occupy their minds and hearts. These are mind-blowing WOWS to them.


Do not get me wrong. I, too, am blown away by the machine in my office called a computer. I could be totally hypnotized and mesmerized, 20 hours a day, by the programs attached to this phenomenal contraption, if not for the knowledge that God is to come first in my life and heart.  “My choice is you, God, first and only. And now I find I’m your choice!” Psalm 16:5 (The Message)

Keeping God as a priority requires constant and intentional effort on my part on a daily basis. A number of years ago, I discovered “God Wows.”

God Wows” are true facts of God’s Story or creation, still baffling the scientific world. They cause our breath to be sucked out of us, when we hear them, and a “WOW” emerges from our lips.

Dwelling on a few “God Wows,” for a couple minutes, pulls me back to the first love in my life: The creator and maker of all things, God!

Here is a perfect example:

The story of Moses, from the Old Testament, is one of my all time favorite “God WOWS.”

The following came through an email to me several years ago and will seriously knock off your socks:

“According to the Quartermaster General of the Army, Moses and the Israelites had to get across the RED SEA, first – at night – when they left the captivity of Egypt. So, researchers have investigated the plan. Remember, there were between 4 and 6 million children of Israel being held captive in Egypt!

Now, if they had gone on a narrow path, double file, the line would have been 800 miles long and would have required 35 days and nights to get through. So, there had to have been a space, in the RED SEA, 3 miles wide so they could walk 5000 abreast to get over in one night.

However, there was another problem! Each time they camped, at the end of the day, a campground two-thirds the size of the state of Rhode Island would have been required – a total of 750 square miles long!

It is reported that when Moses led God’s people across the wilderness to safety, he would have had to have provided 1500 tons of food each day…for 40 years.

Do you know that to bring that much food each day, two freight trains – each at least a mile long – would have been required! 4000 tons of firewood would have been needed for cooking the food.  This would have meant a few more freight trains, each a mile long – just for one day’s worth. And remember, they were forty years traveling.

Oh yes! They would have had to have water. If they had only brought enough to drink and wash a few dishes, it would have taken 11,000,000 gallons each day and a freight train with tank cars, 1800 miles long, just to haul it!”

By the way, there were no freight trains back then. God really can do anything!

Do you think Moses figured all this out before he left Egypt?

I doubt it.

You see, Moses believed in God. God took care of these things for him. Now, do you think God has any problem taking care of all your needs?

How is this for a “God Wow” today?

I just found this handbook of God WOWS! “Somebody Bigger” by Nina Weis!

Now, remind your kids and grandkids of this story today.


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