Yellows Just Want to Have Fun

Most days I get up on the right side of the bed. Well, actually, it is the left side, but I suppose that to be completely accurate I should say I get up on the happy side of the bed. My yellow personality wakes up prepared for a party.

This morning, I gently slid from our comfy California King, went into my designer master bathroom (the only room in our house that I consider completely done), smiled as I made my way past the dark walnut cabinets, white and grey marble tops, striped walls, crystal chandelier to my designer toilet. Okay, maybe not the best visual depiction, but to tell this story, I need to start here.

All of a sudden, my world of joy collapsed.


The designer toilet paper roll was empty and the drama began. A cry came from my gut that could be heard for miles around.

I am certain each of the four temperaments has surely suffered this same traumatic situation, but we yellows suffer the most. We react in the moment, so genuinely, without any consideration of the consequences that result from such blatant emotion.

How could this have happened? I will be late for work! What do I do now? Whom can I call? How did the last person so thoughtlessly allow this to happen? The personal devastation almost ruined my entire day. I felt like crying.

Had this happened to my blue husband, he would have never skipped a beat; he would have substituted something to save the day. He also would have re-filled the roll for the next person, and left the bathroom personally unaffected and nonplussed.

Our green daughter would have also taken care of the situation without ever needing to tell the world of her awful plight.

Our red son might have thrown the designer toilet paper holder across the room, in an unexpected fit of anger, but then it would have been over.

My yellow temperament, on the other hand, is so distressed, high on my list of choices was to just go back to bed for the entire day. Ohhhhhh, the drama.

Then,  I saw the evidence (Frozen coloring book on my bathroom counter) and remembered who was in my bathroom the last time to exploit the last square of paper. Our precious granddaughter.

Okay, I am suddenly fine. I completely snapped out of my upsetting ordeal the moment I realized the culprit was our sweet innocent five-year-old granddaughter. She is so cute, you’d be astounded.

Oh, that this would happen more often–not the empty toilet paper roll, but the sudden snap to realization that drama and more drama do not solve anything. Instead, it creates harmful stress and needlessly ages people who simply want life to be a party.

Question: Yellows … it seems like every family has at least one. Got some drama to share? I love to read your comments!

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