Virtual Open House Tour 2015

Welcome to our home and our Second Annual Virtual Open House! To get started with the tour, make sure your speakers are turned up.

As you may know, we live in Southern California where you have probably heard that it never snows. Well, hardly ever!


See that huge wreath? People can see it from a block away, shining from the second floor window over the entryway. We hope you feel our love of all things Christmas! Welcome!


Candy canes line our walkway to our door and of course, Santa must know he is welcome.


Duane and I are happy you’re here so come on inside to get out of the cold.

Welcome inside as colored Christmas lights greet you in the entryway. Our theme this year is Christmas Candy! What a fun time I’ve had decorating with candy. As you come inside, look sharply to your left at the foot of the stairs and help yourself to all the candy you want! Go ahead, don’t be shy.



What’s your favorite Christmas candy? a- Ribbon Candy b- Candy Canes c- Jelly Belly
d-Christmas Candy Corn e- Chocolate! f- Gum Drops. Mine? All of the above!

Let’s head up the stairs to our reading loft. This is where our grandkids have their library of books and coloring equipment stored. I decided that this year the three trees and a beautiful wreath at the top of the stairs should be covered in multi-colored lights. I can’t decide on my favorite view … looking up to the loft or looking down from it. For sure, there’s a lot to see.


We added some fun decorating touches to our reading loft this year. Bright red wainscoting seems to match my Christmas trees perfectly. However, if you look more closely…there is a secret door to one of our attics! Now everyone will know where I store my vast collection of Christmas  decorations! Want to take a peek … ?


Presto! The wall opens!


One of the reindeer seems to be resting on the giant oversized chair for the season. Look how tall it is! It almost reaches the ceiling. That chair makes everyone laugh.


Next on your tour is my famous Miss Piggy Room. Guess how many Miss Piggy artifacts I have in my collection? It’s a really big number.


Back downstairs in the entryway, we pass by a portion of my reindeer collection, which now numbers over 100 … so far! I’ve never seen a reindeer I didn’t love.




Our live Christmas tree downstairs is covered in the cards and letters we receive during the season, and the smell of the fresh tree is wonderful as you pass by heading toward the two-story gingerbread house!


Of course our grandchildren’s pictures with “Papa Santa” are displayed on the wall.


Next, you can imagine the fun we had creating this gingerbread house! The grandkids want to leave it up all year. Actually it is up all year as a beach house. (You can see how we decorated it last year when you click here.)




Peek through the window … it’s as festive inside as it outside!


My vast Santa collection has its own display area, and I received help from all 10 grandkids this year to set it up correctly.


Don’t forget to look up as you walk into the great room!


I found the cutest Christmas candy fabric for my table runner! However, the centerpiece is comprised of homemade Christmas lollypops painted by—you guessed it—our talented grandkids!


Welcome to our great room all dressed in green and red Christmas candy. Look closely and you will see candy hanging from the pictures as well.


To your right is the main decorated tree covered in Christmas candy!


A closer look will show you the different decorations I used in my theme.


Even the bows are covered in candy!


Fortunately, none of these are edible, or I would be in big trouble!


My inspiration for my theme each year comes from the wrapping paper at the after Christmas sales every year!


May I brag on my talented, creative husband, who always surprises me with his contribution to the Christmas theme each year? This year he made some giant lollypops for the wall behind our tree!IMG_0894

During the other 11 months of the year, our great room has a “beach” theme—the reason we have an actual fishing boat hanging on the wall. Last year it was in its original aluminum state. This year we painted it white, and what fun to pack it full of candy for Christmas!


To see last year’s boat click here


Our mantel is full of candy, too. It’s easy to change any wreath into a theme—just add ornaments!


I love Christmas pillows, and it was especially fun to bring out all the red and green pillows this year.


Stockings are hung by the chimney with care….


The centerpiece of our Christmas is Jesus. Our three piece nativity set was made by one of Duane’s employees the year we were married. This is its 45th Christmas!




Notice the wonderful hand-made Christmas quilt on the back of our couch. Our dearest friend, Mary, made it for us 35 years ago and it is still good as new!


The kitchen is clean…and ready for the Christmas goodies to be brought in! First come first serve. Please, help yourselves! There are plenty of sweets and treats for everyone.



The Christmas elves that sneak into my kitchen and bake and cook all night while I sleep have been very busy this year!


Thank you for visiting our home. It is such an honor to have you as our guests! Duane and I are working on a big Christmas puzzle every minute we can. Hope to have it finished by Christmas, but we may need some help!



Thanks to Instantimage! by Brent Varela

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