Thank You, Virtually!

It was a first, and if we measure this kind of thing by attendance—a virtual success!

Thank You

Thank you so much for showing up for my Virtual Open House Tour on Dec. 21. Honestly, it was such an easy thing to have hundreds (and hundreds) of people coming through the house. It felt as though I got to greet each one of you individually. (Loved your cute outfit, by the way!)

I’ve been thinking, I could really get used to this virtual thing. It takes a little imagination to enjoy something virtually and maybe I’m just extra good with that particular skill. A virtual shopping trip could sure save me a lot of money. Or how about going on a virtual diet? I’d be great at that.

I wonder if my doctor has ever considered this because I’d love for my next appointment to be a virtual office visit. Wouldn’t that be a hoot? It would give me plenty of time for a virtual massage, virtual trip to Paris for New Year’s Eve … maybe even make a virtual purchase of a lovely summer home in the South of France.

This virtual thing is so much fun!

By the way, if you missed the Open House, no problem. That’s just another benefit of virtual things—you can enjoy them again and again.

Come right in!

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