So You Want to Throw a Party?

TEMPERAMENTS come into play in every aspect of life – but especially in regards to PARTIES.

The other night, we attended a 4th of July party at some good friends’ gorgeous house. From their home’s vantage point, high on a hill, the party attendees could see close to ten different fireworks displays.

Fireworks of different colors over a night sky - Extra large size

The food was scrumptious – appetizers I had never seen before – and, I got to wear my fabulous red, white & blue holiday earrings.  It was so much fun. I enjoyed visiting with friends we rarely get to see in a social setting; and, of course, I loved meeting new people.

I love parties – Duane, not much of a party goer. Although, throughout our entire married life, he has attended a variety of parties, events, programs, performances and places, where groups of people are found, only because he loves me.

Duane is not a party (or people) person. He is a BLUE/RED temperament.  If we are invited to a party, my brilliant negotiating skills come into play. I promise him he can blend into the background, eat anything he wants, and not have to interact with the human race, while letting me flit from person to person, visiting to my heart’s delight.

It was fun people-watching at the night’s gala, and especially for me, spotting the four different temperaments at the event.

If you want your party to be a smashing success, be sure you brush up on your TEMPERAMENT data. Your top invite list must include YELLOW and GREEN temperaments.

YELLOWS love people and parties. They are your entertainers. They visit with everyone and love having a gazillion friends. They are game for anything you have planned for your event. They arrive early and leave late.

GREENS love fun and will attend parties gladly. (And, remember, GREENS are the nicest people in the world; so, of course, you want them at your party.) GREENS, perhaps timid at first, get along with everyone.

BLUES are not party goers by nature.  They prefer one on one relationships. BLUES will attend if the party giver is someone special in their lives. They feel accepting the invitation is the right thing to do.  BLUES do everything from a meaningful perspective. BLUES do not need or want a gazillion friends. Actually, attending parties is stressful and difficult for most BLUES. They are usually the first to make gracious exits.

REDS don’t necessarily like parties (or people for that matter);  but, they operate from a business, or personal advantage, perspective. REDS attend parties if they can politically or socially benefit from attending, OR if their spouses are dragging them along with them. REDS are selective when it comes to friends.  They don’t need parties. REDS are focused, driven and prefer to be operating on their own schedules and priorities.

To say REDS are not extremely fun people, will not offend them in the least.

Here is the best part: When a temperament is turned over to God, HE smoothes out the rough edges and strengthens the weak areas. He puts smiles on the BLUE faces, and can make the strongest RED actually delightful at a party! Yes, it is true!

Such a God of miracles!

The party was a definite highlight of the 4th of July holiday this year! Even Duane enjoyed himself!

I’d love to hear feedback on this one! Anyone? Anyone?

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