Saving Thanksgiving

Since all our kids have married, Thanksgiving looks quite different at our house. We now have a new tradition, a Thanksgiving tree.



I set up an artificial Christmas tree and completely cover it with autumn garnishes from tip to stem. The grandchildren color pilgrims and cut out fall decorations, adding new ones each year to the lavish exhibition in the corner of the living room.

There are twice as many in attendance each Thanksgiving, which means every temperament combination imaginable.

Have you ever dreaded a holiday?  We haven’t, yet. However, as the years go by, and the relatives multiply, the potential is looming.

I am the happy YELLOW greeter at the door. Every family has one. My husband is the quiet BLUE turkey watcher. Somehow, he claims he can know when the bird is ready by the score of the football game.

We have a perfect GREEN daughter and daughter-in-law who read my assortment of fall magazines while waiting for dinner, RED/YELLOW sons who yell at the TV and multi-colored grandkids who are louder yet.

We will miss our “Uncle Buck” this year (remember that hilarious movie where John Candy played the lovable, albeit grumpy, Uncle Buck?). Ours was as big, loud and annoying.

Uncle Buck Poster

Our Uncle Buck was the one who asked, as if on cue every single Thanksgiving, if the turkey was fresh or cheap. I tried not to let it bother me.

Uncle Buck would open my refrigerator ten times during the day asking if there was any GOOD food to eat. Good ole’ Uncle Buck would never miss an opportunity to tell me something smelled rotten in the back of our refrigerator while he was digging his way through. He would always start eating before the blessing and ceremoniously spill cranberry sauce on my white tablecloths.

Uncle Buck was a grumpy RED. I knew it from the day I married into this family. And simply knowing why he was so brash  was half the battle. I didn’t let him get under my skin. I knew what to expect, and usually avoided confrontations, even before they hit. We loved our big, belchy Uncle Buck in spite of his temperament.

The year my husband attempted to deep fry the turkey, one of our sons came in the house and said, “Mom, it smells like something’s burning.  Is dad alive?” I busted up laughing, understanding him completely. If my other son had said the exact sentence, I would have panicked and looked for Duane. Our boys have very different temperaments.

Everyone has an Uncle Buck or family member with a temperament that rubs you wrong. The secret of having a lovely Thanksgiving (or any other holiday for that matter) is in acknowledging that person’s temperament before it gets the best of you.

I operate in two of the four temperaments. Everyone does. To explain the differences, I color-code them, making life easier for me,  and, hopefully you, to understand. Read my eBook: YOU: Red, Yellow, Blue or Green? It is a FREE download when you subscribe to this blog. Just send me your email address in the space provided above. Then wait for prompts in your email inbox.

Get it now, while you are still have time.

You’ll thank me when it saves your Thanksgiving. I promise.

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