Remember to Say THANK YOU!

The Smith family have four kids under six years old. Mr. and Mrs. Smith trade off Saturdays and come to church contributing to the custodial help. They are incredibly faithful, rain or shine. Last week, Mr. Smith had his six-year-old son join him as he emptied the church offices’ waste baskets. He explained, “we want our kids to make service a part of their lives too.”


One of my favorite bloggers (Jen Hatmaker) wrote a post thanking the unsung heroes in our churches,

“Shout out to all the guys and gals – at churches early – setting up chairs, getting classrooms ready, putting signs out, queuing up sound, lights and power points, rehearsing the music, setting out welcome tables and making the coffee. You are unsung heroes.

Thank you for your quiet, behind-the-scenes work that enables most people just to stroll in the door, five minutes before church starts Sunday morning, and find God. Thanks for welcoming them in, teaching their children, and turning gyms, middle school cafeterias, auditoriums, lobbies and regular old churches into sanctuaries where people feel safe and loved.

I see your work and honor you”.

May I add to Jen’s words: Thank you to all the “Smith” families in every church.

Thank you for every spouse who gets the kids ready for church while the other goes, hours early, to set up or rehearse.  Also, thank you for putting the kids to bed at night, by yourself; because, your mate has gone to important meetings, at church, to make sure the weekends run smoothly.

Remembering back, our three kids experienced this as we were in full time ministry as they grew up. These were not paid hours- the extra and over the top time helping at church. We wanted to be an example. Today our three kids are also in ministry, and much of what they do is over and above their call of duty.

There is a great idea book for kids to help serve in ministry, 101 Simple Service Projects Kids Can Do- by Susan Lingo!

With every family it looks different; but, the work of God is held as a high priority to so many unsung heroes.

I.Cor. 12:27

Now you [collectively] are Christ’s body, and individually [you are] members of it [each with his own special purpose and function].”

The Lord thanks you, and so do we.

Thank you, Jen Hatmaker, for prompting this reminder!


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