New Year’s Adam Party

OK, this was a first for me. I am not certain when or where this theme party idea began, but on Dec. 30, our Atlanta granddaughters hosted a New Year’s Adam Party.

Duane and I had never heard of this. They explained: You know, Adam came before Eve.

So, instead of the traditional New Year’s Eve party, Sophie, Abigail and Lindy threw a New Year’s Adam Party the night before New Year’s Eve.

Now do you get it?

Unlike traditional adult themed New Year’s Eve parties (lasting until midnight, when the ball drops in New York, heralding in the New Year), this was a family event.

The girls created the invitations, delivered and mailed them. May I brag a bit?  The computerized graphics were as professional as any adult-generated invites I have ever received.

They set the party time from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m. and invited entire families.

Our girls set up their game room with crafts for kids ages 3 and up. That way, whoever might attend would have plenty of fun. They worked all day fixing snacks for the evening, taking into consideration children and adults alike—all without using the oven.

They used this recipe book, which was perfect for the the occasion. At ages 12, 10 and 8 they didn’t require adult assistance or intervention.

Their menu included candy-coated Oreo cookies, flavored popcorn, fudge, candies, chips and crackers with four different dips. (Mom and Dad ordered pizza to make sure no one might leave hungry).

It was such a treat for us to be there. The biggest surprise for me was the guest list, chosen by the girls, which included mostly families they have met in the eight months of living in Georgia.

Neighbors arrived, with kids and those without. Kids from their school bus stop and their parents were invited and, of course, friends from Peachtree Presbyterian Church where their mom Nancy is Minister to Families.

The theme opened up a line of conversation around Adam and Eve, which also gave folks opportunities to share their faith while having a party.

Yes, a child will lead them. (Isaiah 11:6b)

It was such a smashing success, I might just steal their idea.

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