My Love Hate Relationship

For inquiring minds, yes I own an iPhone. No, I do not know where it is on a regular basis. This drives my kids’ nuts. I usually discover it re-charging unless it is in my purse on mute. My grandkids love playing games on it, thus the reason I re-charge it.


I truly believe I could live a happy, well-adjusted, fun-filled life without a cellphone.

Do you remember the car phones? Okay, I am dating myself, but when mobile phones first came out, a brilliant invention called a car phone came into the world. It remained in the car. Everyone had a phone in the house and everyone had a phone in the car. Makes perfect sense to me.

Let me explain. I am a busy person and I love my life. I also love my computer and spend a large amount of time on it. When not at home, I am driving somewhere, teaching, speaking, eating, visiting, or on my way home from somewhere.

I have a husband, and we spend time together evenings and weekends doing many things, which also includes dialoguing. When, pray tell, am I supposed to talk on my iPhone?

I cannot take it into a meeting, or a restaurant, or a hospital, or church expecting to use it, so I leave it in my car. I get in the car and cannot hear with the bluetooth, so it stays in my purse.

I beg my kids to call the house phone or better yet, come over! I tell my friends and other family members to email me. I am online by 5:00 am every day. Call then if  you want to talk to me.

Yes, I will admit, I have been tempted to use my cellphone to call people when I cannot sleep in the middle of the night. Especially if there is nothing good on television. But I cannot bring myself to do it. Yet.

Well, I have to go. You guessed it, my phone is ringing a patriotic melody.

Someone changed the ringtone again.

Question: How are you and your mobile phone getting along these days?

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