Motivation to Clean My Office

My office needs help. I decided, if I blog about this, it will make me accountable to actually complete the task.

Let me explain my dilemma. First, the room is too small for an office. If the room were larger, it would not look as messy.  I’m certain.


Secondly, my office is located in the corner of our upstairs, so no one ever needs to see it. Actually, I’m the only one who comes in here for weeks at a time. So, I have extremely low motivation to clean.

In my defense, I have a black baby grand piano top I use for a desk. Yes, it is such a clever idea – especially since one of my jobs is writing musical theatre.  It fits my career path.  My husband found a piano, damaged in a fire, and salvaged the top and made it into a desk for me. I love it.

That said, it is just a top. It has no drawers or shelves that would come with a standard desk.  Understand? So, what should I do with everything that I would normally hide inside the desk? The top holds my computer, a bunch of wires, a separate large screen and my printer.

Ah ha!  Now, you are beginning to see my predicament.

The top of the file cabinet – placed behind me – holds my keyboard. No space to set anything else.

At the foot of my adorable desk is my NordicTrack treadmill, which snuggly fits between the jam-packed bookcase and desk.  I certainly can’t get rid of it; because, I’d forever lose my schoolgirl shape. No comments necessary.

Downsizing has come to mind; but, I’m not certain what I can live without. Also, I have grandkids with whom I’d rather play than to clean an office.

As I glance around the room, it is so cluttered it makes me want to leave. Not good for a writer. I need to focus. I’m certain none of you have ever experienced such lack of order.

I want you to know I am resorting to this extreme vulnerability in order to prove to myself I am not beyond help. Also, I need to do this before fire marshals are called to cover my door with caution tape – or, whatever they do when hoarding is in question.

I am now committed to organize this room, beginning when I finish this post. I will take pictures, for my next post, of a clean office.

I’m done putting off the inevitable.

Yes, I have prayed about this. The Lord thinks the office needs cleaning as well.

If this isn’t motivation I don’t know what is! I dare you to try it!


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