Mother’s Day is Coming!

As Mother’s Day approaches, dozens of mother/daughter articles and artifacts are appearing on the horizon. The pressure is on.

Each year, we are inundated with more and more attempts to identify the perfect mother/daughter combinations and celebrate those who have the best mother/daughter/son relationships. I notice people “one upping” each other as to the remarkable mothers they have now on social media. Famous mother/daughter duos are featured in magazines.

This holiday can not generate competition. The playing field is even.

Every mother is a super hero in her own way.

From my childhood, there are plenty of mother memories that warm my heart and equally as many that send blood curdling shivers through my body, causing me to wonder how my mom lived through having me as her daughter.

I had a habit of hiding dirty clothes so she wouldn’t get upset I had gotten them so dirty. By the time she discovered some of them, the stains were embedded so deeply the items had to be thrown out.

I was the sneaky kid.  It was fun to throw dirty Kleenex to the top of my closet.  Dirty socks were kept between my mattress and box springs because I wanted her to buy me new socks. I bribed friends to break my glasses, also, so I could get a new pair every year.

The day, as a teen, I attempted to make a pie from scratch – before she came home from work – created a disaster that took a week before the kitchen floor and oven were clean again.

Looking back, I loved my mom; but, didn’t like her until we were way past the appropriately approved and acceptable timetable per conventional wisdom. I don’t think I was her ideal daughter either. Our temperaments got in the way. My mom was all lady – very proper and dignified. I was not even close.

Amazing how much love it takes to raise children. She did an amazing job and deserved a medal.

I am now a mother of three and a three times mother-in-law.  Take it one generation further and now, I am a grandmother. Boy, does this make me appreciate my mom now more than ever!

Everyone is blessed by having a mother…and, actually, it is nice to have a day to celebrate. For my Mother’s Day gift this year, I signed up with to discover where my roots originated! I’ll keep you posted!

I am a blessed woman. I feel extremely loved; and, I love the ones in my life who call me “mom” and “mimi.”

The Bible says love one another – period. It doesn’t specify temperaments, age, stations in life, preferences or different tastes in music. In Ephesians 6:1-3, the Bible actually promises a blessing to those who honor their parents!

Let us simply love and celebrate the women in our lives for being the best versions of themselves.

Happy Mother’s Day to my daughter and daughters-in-law.  Happy Mother’s Day to all my family and friends who deserve celebration as well.

Enjoy the attention of the holiday.  Pamper yourselves.  Eat chocolate. Let’s meet to celebrate again next year.




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