Life Rapidly Changes- Without Notice!

I should have seen this coming.

We just experienced a month of company in and out of our home. We have kids and grandkids living all over the globe now, so occasional out of town family is the norm.

But I was not ready for what happened this visit!


I was putting away the costumes, dress-up clothes and kitchen supplies from the latest home performances of our ten grandkids’ visit, and suddenly realized I should be giving all of it away instead.

By their next visit, these costumes won’t fit. These dishes won’t be used again.

From there, my mind went places I had not seen coming.

Our downstairs bedroom is a custom castle loft bunk bed, complete with drawbridge and ladder hidden in the turrets.



They sleep there, but only once had the 3 year old grandson climbed into the castle to play on this visit!

They are all too big now.

The two-story playhouse in our entryway was used only by the four younger ones.

Immediately, I posted on Craig’s list to sell the castle unit. I went through the costumes, gorgeous dress-up clothes, high heels (8 granddaughters) and, cut my supply in half. The kitchen, play dishes, pots and pans- gone.

Yes, there were tears. MINE!

I’m selling the strollers, wagons, high-chairs and stuffed animals lining the playhouse walls.

The realization hit that just five years ago, we couldn’t get the grandkids out of the castle.  Now, they don’t go into it! Only ONE grandchild offered to make me tea this visit.

In the next five years, we will go from having no teenage grandkids to six teenagers and three pre-teens! Our DVD collection will be obsolete, as will all our technology.

My library of children’s books – upstairs, in the loft – will be sorely outdated. These grandteens will be reading books on their iPods anyway.

I have to redecorate! I think the bedroom should be turned into a recording studio, so they can make their music videos.  Want to share any decorating tips?

I would appreciate hearing from you who feel for me. Time is Rapidly moving without my permission. This next season has to be as fun as the last one!



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