How NOT to Take a Vacation

Part 2

We just returned from a two week trip to Lima Peru. It took a month to pack. I’m still not unpacked!

If something could go wrong, on this vacation, it did. We arrived at the airport two hours early. It turned out to be a good thing. My normally organized husband had left his passport at home.


He may have exceeded the speed limit rushing home and back before we boarded. May I add, perhaps his forgetfulness had something to do with him getting all my extra, unnecessary, oversized luggage into our car, and not thinking about his own needs.

The first leg of our flight landed us in Dallas with a two hour layover – that is, I thought. IF one leaves “her” cell phone on airplane mode it can be confusing. Fortunately, we went directly to the gate where our next flight to Lima was boarding. There had been no layover. No dinner. We barely made it onto the flight. Important advice: Between flights, always take your cell phone OFF airplane mode, so the time change can be updated.

One flight to Lima was seven hours. That meant it would be 6 a.m. their time. I couldn’t sleep or get comfortable. We flew as inexpensively as possible. There were six inches for my husband’s 6-foot-1 inch frame.


We were NEXT to the bathroom. Mistake #4: When you are over age 37, consider your energy level and your health. Spend an extra few dollars for better seats. Also, not moving my legs for several hours during the flight home, resulted in a trip to the ER with superficial Thrombophlebitis in my left leg!

Fly during the day so you do not waste the first two days of your vacation SLEEPING. I promise my next trip ANYWHERE will be during normal daytime hours – in business class!

Seriously, Lima was wonderful. The weather was amazing. Our kids were wonderful. The Conference was phenomenal! Working with a translator will be a Blog on its own. We experimented with food and places to visit. It was a wonderful time of playing and praying with our grandkids every night and kissing them goodnight. We have missed them so much.

I survived two whole weeks without a TV, Keurig, dishwasher, garbage disposal or microwave oven. I made it with one bathroom for 9 people. Bugs were minimal, as was hot water. I rode through the streets of Peru, with no seat belts, holding on for dear life.


Amazingly, we were never in a car accident. No one stops for stop signs or signals. I spent days hearing English spoken only in the house, and not being able to chat with strangers or make friends at a grocery store. Who knew I was capable of this?

John & Heather have been in Peru eight years and accomplished an indigenous work in a rough part of the city helping kids learn about Jesus. They have completed their mission and plan on moving back to California in December. We are so proud.

Vacation lessons learned: I almost ruined the trip being so concerned about imposing on my kids! How foolish! I have the most amazingly gracious daughter-in-law ever! Do your homework. Research the area, weather, accommodations and food you need to bring from home (Chai Tea). Do not hesitate to ask advice. Spend a little extra money to ensure you have a comfortable trip! If you are grandparents, you have earned it. Remember: You may not pass this way again.

Next time I’ll read THIS book first!

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