HELP for the Holidays!

Understand those around you!

Thanksgiving is seven weeks away!

What concerns you most? Is it the food you will be cooking or the people you will be around?


Statistics show there is more apprehension about RELATIONSHIPS, where holidays are concerned, than any dessert you choose to serve.

Everyone is born with a pre-disposition. When you understand your own temperament, you can pretty much predict your behavior for any situation. Understanding others’ temperaments can actually save you from an unexpected curve ball being thrown into your life.

Example: Duane and I have been invited to a birthday party that isn’t a family event.

I am a YELLOW. So, of course, I will accept any invitation I am given, and have a wonderful time.

My husband is a BLUE – translation: hesitant, needing to think about this and analyze everything about the party. How uncomfortable will he be and for how long? Will he be forced to actually talk to people he doesn’t know? Will I stay with him during the party?

No, he doesn’t care to attend; but, because he loves me, he agrees to go.

I can pretty much predict my social life by understanding the temperaments of our family and friends.

Most GREENS love parties as well. They just don’t plan them. GREENS can enjoy themselves most anywhere, and visit with anyone.

REDS will go to a party if it serves a purpose. REDS do not need fun or parties. However, if there are people attending they need to see, they will attend. An interesting note about REDS: They throw the most lavish, successful parties – when it is their idea and they have a necessary agenda.

Here are some important insights with the holidays coming:

REDS love to be in charge. They appreciate practical gifts.

YELLOWS love parties, people and decorating. They love all gifts- period.

BLUES love family and traditions. In fact, they would be perfectly content decorating, in the same way, each year. They love meaningful gifts.

GREENS love everyone to get along and quiet holidays. They enjoy receiving gifts; but, shopping and buying gifts is exhausting. They would rather give money.

Study up on the temperaments of those you will be with for the holidays.

I can promise you a much better season this year!

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I hope you REALLY enjoy this year’s holidays!!




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