Heat Getting You Down?

I try not to complain – especially about the heat during summer months…even though I am a bit dramatic at times.


Seriously, we live in one of the most beautiful cities on earth – San Clemente, CA. We are so blessed. However, may I say, the humidity has gone through the roof this summer. The actual weather report claims it is only 88 degrees outside, but it feels like 110 degrees in our second floor bedroom.

I have become extremely resourceful. I have fans lining the upstairs hallways, and every upstairs window open. Oh, by the way, did I mention we don’t have air-conditioning? We are less than a mile from the beach (as the crow flies). Supposedly, shouldn’t be requiring air conditioning. May I be perfectly honest? It is sweltering upstairs. I am losing my vivacious, sunny, delightful disposition.

Duane first noticed a change in me, weeks ago, when he asked why there were bath towels in the refrigerator. This is a great way to keep cool during the day. When you feel dripping wet, just take a cold towel and put it around your shoulders. It cools you off immediately! Wash cloths fit nicely in the freezer.

Another trick for especially sticky days, dry off with an ice cold towel when getting out of the shower!


One day, I changed clothes three times before Duane arrived home. However, concerned for my laundry build-up, I now find myself pushing a grocery cart through the freezer section of Ralph’s several times a week, purchasing nothing. I recognize a couple neighbors who seem to be doing the same thing. This is a brilliant way to meet several new friends!

I switch grocery stores on alternate days.

Another suggestion if you live upstairs: put a mattress on the living room floor downstairs. That only lasted three nights for us, however! At our age, the getting up and down on the floor isn’t quite as easy as it used to be. So, Duane went shopping! He came home with the single most wonderful appliance ever created for mankind!

It is called a Bionaire Fan! It is a black, tall, sleek, slim and beautiful decorative addition to any room. It sits on the floor by an open window in our upstairs bedroom! He claims it has no coolant system inside; but, it has cooled our room by 20 degrees at least! It is a miraculous machine.

No, I do not sell them, or get a kickback from the company. I just want the world to know about them!

Duane is, once again, my HERO. Not only has our upstairs bedroom become the most comfortable room in our house; but, my refrigerator is once again full of only food and my wonderful disposition has surprisingly returned.



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