Have You Ever Run Out of Gas?

I walked to my car this morning knowing, before I opened the door and turned on the ignition, the gas gauge would read as close to empty as possible. My kids call it driving on fumes.

292425-fuel gauge gas tank

Yesterday the gas station was so full of cars I didn’t have the energy to wait around 20 minutes for my turn. It may have had something to do with my YELLOW temperament; since, there is nothing fun about going to a gas station in the first place.

This morning, I left the house early to stop and fill my car with gas, in order to arrive at my appointment on time. When it comes to staying on a schedule, my RED kicks in and I am extremely disciplined, so as not to arrive anywhere LATE.

Temperaments are a fascinating phenomenon. By now you probably know my temperament is YELLOW/RED.

This is a pre-disposition. I was born like this. I prefer my YELLOW side; because, it is more fun. However, my RED side is extremely disciplined and focused.

Today, my YELLOW was at fault for my car being nearly out of gas.

Online statistics reveal men make up most of the 827,000 people each year who ignore fuel warning lights.  The majority of temperaments actually running OUT of gas are YELLOWS and REDS:

YELLOWS– because, keeping gas in the car is not a fun project,  and

REDS– because, they can’t be bothered with such unimportant details as looking at the gas gauge (when they have a world to conquer)!

BLUES are the careful, detailed and organized temperaments who usually take the time for important things such as assuring the car has gas, and

GREENS– are creatures of habit and will make it part of their routine.

Every person alive is created with a combination of mainly two out of four temperaments.

You are born like this!

No one is able to choose whom he/she wants to be. God has done the choosing for you – “for you are beautifully and wonderfully made.” (Psalm 139:13-16)

Think about it- you are exactly the person God can use for your assignment on earth.

Temperaments fascinate me, not only because I have studied them for 20 years; but; because God planned this wonder before time began.

It cracks me up that Almighty God considered temperaments as a viable contribution to accomplishing His plans for our 90 something years we are on this earth!

During the majority of my lifetime, I have worked with kids. I do mean MAJORITY. I was teaching my first Sunday school class of 4th grade girls at 16 years of age. It was so much fun! I also taught Awana (kids’ program) and loved every minute. It fit my YELLOW temperament perfectly. I do believe one has to be part crazy to work with kids.

Yes, I also teach Kids’ Musical Theatre- perfect for a dramatic YELLOW!

Our God design fits our personalities, temperaments and passions perfectly. I love that God cares that we enjoy our lives! (John 10:10)

Think about what you truly love to do. I bet God can use you for His purpose while you do it!

It is amazing that every facet of our lives has been deliberately chosen- even our temperaments. (Read more about your temperament in The Real You by Vicki Barnes).

Next time you fill your gas tank; remember how God intentionally made you to care whether your gas tank is empty or full!



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