Grand-Parenting Lessons I Have Learned This Summer!

Next summer, I am going to have a LARGE schedule – for all 12 weeks – displayed on my refrigerator!


I have always thought schedules were for the school year. Summers are supposed to be carefree and fun! However, now that we are grandparents of 10 school aged kids – all living within 10 minutes of our house – our summer has taken on a life all to itself.

Over the last 12 weeks of summer, we have had grandkids at 6 different camps – three to whom we forgot to send letters. We ran out of ice cream at our house…twice! I’m afraid we missed beach parties on days when we were out birthday present shopping. We gathered a pile of unfamiliar clothes two feet high, in our laundry room, washed, dried and folded them and dispersed them to the wrong houses.

One day, it felt like we delivered the wrong kid to the wrong party and missed beach pick-ups and picnic deliveries.  We babysat. We furnished transportation. We loaned furniture and clothing. We furnished lemonade stands.

We tried our best to attend every birthday party and swim lesson. We visited different churches to see our grandkids graduate and receive Bibles. We took pictures from the rear of the church, only to discover later at home, we had taken someone else’s grandkids’ pictures, missing ours completely.

There were musical performances, recitals and a baptism. Fortunately, we made all of them. We worked all summer at being excellent grandparents.

This month, all ten grandchildren are going back to school. Life will get back to normal.

Insert audible sigh.

Yes, I will admit, I loved every minute spent with our grandkids this summer.  However, I have never been so exhausted in my entire life.

Now, you might understand why it is necessary for us to implement a schedule for next summer. Perhaps some of you will identify! Feel free to copy and use the following guide:

Summer 2017, we will have:

One week ONLY dedicated to lemonade and snow cone stands, in our front yard, for those who want to participate.

One week ONLY dedicated to sleepovers at our house.

One week dedicated to ice cream parties in our kitchen.

One week for the young Drama Camp

One week for the teen Drama Camp.

One week for beach picnics

One week for summer church camps pick-up and delivery.

One week for helping with VBS.

One week dedicated to garage sailing…with me.

One week dedicated to Good Will and Salvation Army shopping for dress up clothes.

One week for birthday parties.

One week for back to school shopping.

That takes care of the entire summer next year. I feel better. Maybe I will get back to writing my blog now!

Learn any lessons you’d care to share from your summer?



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