Finding the Fun in Dysfunctional


KC_Quote9We had three babies in four years in a two-bedroom house. I remember a few of their growing up years through blurred vision. In time, we realized our timing—having them so close in age—really was a good thing. They are still best friends today.

Of course there were days when I called them all by each other’s or the dogs’ names. And I am not proud of this, but I even mixed up a prescription drug or two when they came down with something contagious. I knew they would eventually pass the bug around amongst themselves, anyway.

There was the day I called the Fire Department because the popcorn exploded and the kitchen ceiling caught fire. That was the year of my Diet Coke/Popcorn food plan.


There were too many drawings on walls to mention, and then of course the Tooth Fairy mishaps. It also felt like there were more days than not that I dropped off crying kids at school, none of it my fault.

As a family, we survived chickenpox, allergic reactions, broken shoulders, broken hearts–even cancer. We buried three dogs and five grandparents. We moved four times, went through three job changes, four cars, three schools, two churches and none of us are the worst for it.

Mandatory Sunday church and family dinners happened until the kids moved out to go to college. You would have thought child services should have been summoned because of such unwarranted torture. However, today, when we gather for a meal, the stories from those days are hilarious, usually at my expense, but nonetheless funny as can be.

Every family lives their own story, and can choose to be stronger through the hard times. They can also let the bad times weigh them down, wasting decades when they could be regrouping and making precious new memories


Parents do their best with what they have at any given time in life. Some parents are wise enough to let God be their GPS instead of trying it on their own.

Kids will appreciate their own dysfunctional families as soon as they send their kids off to college. Such a pity we can’t laugh during the rough years…or can we? It is our choice. Go ahead, try it! I am sure there are more to come.

Anyone out there NOT have a dysfunctional family?

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