Confessions of a Couch Squash

I have been on our couch for nearly three weeks. I prefer squash over potatoes.

May I explain?


Our trip home from Peru was quite an experience. Our flight from Peru to Dallas was to have left Peru at 11 p.m. It taxied to the tarmac – sat there for 4 ½ hours without moving from our seats – then, returned to the gate. We disembarked, re-entered the country through customs, were re-ticketed for the next night and driven to a local hotel.

We tried to sleep a few hours in the hotel; but, without one person speaking English (not one), we were somewhat uneasy about getting back to the airport on time for the new flight. We made it, and once again went through customs, finally settling on the plane.

We were exhausted and both fell sound asleep for over four hours.

When I awoke, the calf of my left leg hurt. It felt sorely bruised, even though it hadn’t moved for over four hours. It was worse when I stood.

When we finally landed in Orange County, two flights and 12 hours later, I could barely walk. Long story short, after getting an ultrasound at the ER, the doctor said I had had a very close call. Keeping your legs immobile for hours, in a bent position, can cause blood clots.

The deadly kind are located in interior veins.

Fortunately, I had no blood clots in my interior veins. However, I had broken blood clots in my shallow veins. The pain was excruciating. The broken clots moved up to my thigh, resulting in a prescription for three weeks of bed rest, an anti-inflammatory and thick support nylons until the blood starts moving again!

I have been on the couch, for over two weeks, with my leg above my heart. All because I didn’t move my legs every two to three hours!

Here is a word of advice to all travelers: Keep your feet and legs moving every couple hours when you travel. Walk around, or stand, every three hours. Who knew? The airline personnel hadn’t told us.

So, these weeks on my couch have taught me several lessons, I’d like to share:

I have spent hours inspecting the ceiling from the couch. Duane now has a long ‘honey do’ list!

The ceiling fan, in our great room, had four inches of dust on it! There were cobwebs in the can lights!

Well, the pictures needed dusting! Who knew? I doubt if I’ve ever dusted a picture in my life. Duane showed me how. You should see them now. They are SO beautiful and clear!

We have so many wonderful birds in our backyard and they SING!

The Bible is more interesting when you have time to read it leisurely. Time flies without you realizing it.

The same goes for prayer time. You can sit and chat forever with Jesus. He’s never in a hurry. I’m guessing I was the one who was always in a rush.

I have caught up on all my magazines and unread books – even started my Christmas list.

When your body is immobile, your brain is forced to engage! I’ve been reading about how to prevent clots from happening again! May I suggest you read about it too!

Yes, on this couch I have solved the world’s problems, and probably should run for president!

Would I get your vote?


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