Avoid a Thanksgiving DISASTER!

Our first Thanksgiving, as a married couple, was going to be magnificent!

I could hardly wait. I had even bought a new blouse!

Oh, I was so mistaken!


I naturally assumed we would spend Thanksgiving with my family.

Duane’s parents lived out of state. He had lived with his aunt and uncle prior to our getting married; so, he assumed we would spend part of Thanksgiving with them.

Both of us accepted invitations without asking each other. Can you guess where this is going?

The two separate festivities were scheduled at the exact same time; and, I was supposed to cook and bring a designated casserole to his aunt’s house! Nightmare!

Not only did we have a huge discussion (argument) Thanksgiving eve, as we shocked each other with this news; but, we went to bed mad the first time in our 10 month marriage!

The next day was so stressful and tense. I painstakingly made the casserole, knowing my apartment oven didn’t heat evenly. We went to his aunt’s early, to drop off the dish, surprised at all the special decoration and games they had planned JUST for us.

As we apologized and left to have dinner with my family, we promised we would return for dessert. Hurrying out of their house, I tore my new blouse on a chair.

It went downhill from there.

My mom noticed the torn blouse before she said hello. My dad had cooked the biggest turkey, with all the extras, especially for us. My brother was looking forward to watching the game with his new brother-in-law. My mom made Duane’s favorite pie for dessert; because, it was his first Thanksgiving as part of our family.

I watched my husband eat the largest piece of banana cream pie of his life, knowing full well we were expected back at his aunt’s, in 15 minutes, for dessert.

I broke out in a rash. We left and drove in silence.

We arrived back at his aunt’s, late.  Traffic had been terrible. My casserole sat untouched on the buffet table. Apparently, it was raw in the middle. His aunt noticed a rash on my face and neck and my torn blouse. We ate more dessert.  By that time, both of us were ill.

We apologized again and again, as we left without playing games. We were so sick, we weren’t mad anymore. The only thing problematic was our apartment only had one bathroom!

We learned many valuable lessons that day:

*COMMUNICATION is not overrated.

*Learn to be flexible.

*Regularly, check your kitchen appliances’ and their working conditions.

*FAMILY is one arena where you should be able to be honest and easily forgiven, when mishaps occur.

Our first Thanksgiving set us up for how we now celebrate this holiday! These days, our Thanksgiving celebrations can be on Thursday, Friday or Saturday – whatever it takes to avoid ruining one of the best holidays of the year for our kids!

We have also learned, Thanksgiving is about gratitude and giving God center stage!  It is a day to appreciate all He has given us – the riches of family and unconditional love, even when the casserole is raw.

What will you do this Thanksgiving to make it a better day than ever before?

Will there be children at your Thanksgiving table? May I suggest a perfect book to read after dinner as a family: “It’s not about you, Mrs. Turkey!”

Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours!




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