Asthma Interrupts Life!

Part of this job, as a blogger, makes me nervous. I tend to be a private person – except where my passions ignite. For example: writing on the temperaments is exhilarating because of years studying them.


I am passionate to write about kids; because, I believe every child should have a chance to know and fall in love with Jesus. And, I love writing on marriage and family; because, I’m in love with my husband of 46 years and want to answer questions and concerns from young married couples.

However, when life throws me curves, I am not so eager to go public. In the past 18 months, while I have been blogging, the most impacting responses from readers have come from my being vulnerable. So here goes:


Today, I’m going to write about my adult onset asthma. Most months, it doesn’t disrupt my life’s schedule and most are not even aware I have a problem with it. I have other health issues requiring more attention.  So, I downplay my asthma.

This pass week, with climate turning warmer, my breathing has been uneasy. I have even used my inhaler a few times. It is such a nuisance.


Duane and I were with some friends last night. They live over an hour away from us. Halfway through the evening, visiting with high school classmates, I looked into my purse for my inhaler and discovered it wasn’t there. Apparently, I hadn’t put it in my lovely gold bag when changing purses to match the evening’s outfit.

In my head, I pretended I didn’t need it.

An hour later, as we were eating dessert, my chest was tightening. Asthma communicates the sensation of something heavy sitting on your chest. It is difficult to breathe. Duane noticed my expression and quietly asked if I was okay. I dreaded admitting, “I don’t have an inhaler.” Duane has lived through my asthma “attacks,” these past 25 years, and has requested I never leave home without an inhaler.

I inquired if any present might have an inhaler with them.  When it was apparent there were none, we graciously said our good-byes and headed home.

On our way to the freeway, we looked for a pharmacy and passed several that were already closed. I wasn’t breathing well at all.

I called my doctor. I explained the situation, and she talked me down from a panic that was obviously building. She knew, if I remained calm, I could make it safely home.

Calm is the operative word. Do you know me?? I was far from calm.

For the next 50 minutes, I paced my breathing and prayed. I was remembering reading horror stories of people who lost their battle with asthma. I was upset with myself for being so foolish as to forget the inhaler. Duane headed for home at a speed – though safe – he was definitely unaccustomed to driving.

Did I mention, my family physician is also a friend?  She called, every 20 minutes, accessing the situation to make certain we didn’t need to find an urgent center before making it home.

At home, the car door flew open and I raced into the house – immediately, grabbing my inhaler. The problem with asthma is, if you get to an unsafe level, an inhaler doesn’t do the job anymore. Fortunately, I have a nebulizer at home for emergencies.  I used it several times in the night. It got me breathing again.

Once the panic cleared, I was reminded how serious asthma can be. My doctor reminded me I would have gone to the hospital had I not had the nebulizer at home.

The Mayo Clinic explains, “Asthma cannot be cured and, if not controlled, may lead to a life-threatening asthma attack.”  Therefore, this should not be taken lightly.

I am once again prompted not to view my condition as a minor nuisance.  Instead, I promised both my husband and doctor this would never happen again.

I wish someone would invent a keychain equipped with an inhaler!

Know someone with asthma? They probably carry an inhaler at all times.

Because I waited too long to contact my doctor, I now need medication to control this episode and am taking a couple days to recuperate. This was NOT on my schedule.

This may serve as a reminder to all out there to take care of the bodies God has given us.  Here is a great book on Good Health and Good Life by Joyce Meyer.

Life is short and precious!  We still have His work to do.

Breathing better now…we’ll talk soon!



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