Wondering What to DO?

I am reading a fascinating book by Erwin Raphael McManus, Chasing Daylight.

I certainly don’t want to give away the ending of the book; but, the basic premise explains how we, as Christians, should be living life—on purpose.


So many Christians wonder what they can do in life…McManus suggests…


The author gives example after example of Bible characters who were not necessarily the famous heroes of the Bible. However, God used them powerfully, because they dared to do something for Him.

I tested the principle this past weekend.

A woman, older than I, was walking to her airport departing gate carrying a purse almost bigger than she. I asked if I could help, and carried it for her the remaining trek. She said she didn’t know how she would have made it an inch further. Her arthritis was seriously bothering her. She said God must have sent me.

While at Phoenix airport, waiting for my connecting flight, I tried to read my book, but felt drawn to chat with a young mom of three toddlers. I bet you are thinking, if she had three toddlers in an airport, how did she have time to visit? They were asleep!

The mom looked wiped out. I asked if I could get her something from the food court.  She quickly asked for a cup of coffee. As I brought it back, she immediately welcomed me as if we had been best friends. She wondered if I had kids. Out came my phone full of recent pictures. Oh dear, none of my kids.  It was full of grandchildren’s pictures!

This experience reminded me how easy it is to talk to a perfect stranger.

I asked the young mom if she went to church.  She explained it’s too hard with small kids because she is Catholic and they keep the kids in the church service. I smiled and told her she should try a local Christian, non-denominational, church. They often have nurseries and classes for new-born through high-school. She was very interested. She said she grew up believing in God and has missed church. Would I please send her some info?

Once on the plane, I sat next to an unforgettably sweet lady. I was going to read. She wanted to visit. We, too, shared common ground as we were both moms and grandmas. I asked her where she went to church.  She lit up, telling me how God is a main part of her life. She sings in the church choir and loves the Lord. She shared about losing her brother, dad, and husband in a short time span and how God has taken her through so much. She admitted being worried whom she would have to sit by on her plane trip, since she travels alone now. When I sat down next to her, she beamed, “Thank you God!” She asked if we could stay in touch.

The busier I am, the easier it is to not make time to listen to God’s leading. My original intent for the weekend flights had been to hide in a corner and catch up on my reading. Instead, I found myself  ‘doing something’ each time I felt a nudge.

I have no idea the outcome, if any, of my actions over the weekend.  Yet, somehow, I’m going to continue to just do something, as I want to live a life that matters for God.


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