Watch for Surprises!

I just read some profound words by a brilliant theologian. Okay, he does not consider himself a brilliant theologian. However, if someone’s words change the course of another’s life 3,000 miles away, there is a touch of brilliance in there, I would think.

Dr. Mark Crumpler (Peachtree Presbyterian Church, Atlanta Georgia) took the familiar story of Moses and retold it, asking us to think outside the box—watch for surprises to see how his story might parallel our own.


Moses’ life began with a terrifying death sentence; then, Surprise!—he grew up in a palace. Next, he murdered a bad guy and went into hiding for 40 years. THEN, God had him just where He wanted him. Surprise!  Moses was ready to be God’s number one most important person on Earth at that time.

Our lives are a series of twists and turns much like Moses’ life. We sometimes feel overwhelmed, filled with unanswered questions. In addition, many surprises show up along the way.  As a result, we can be intimidated by our lack of theological training; or, we think God’s plans are over our heads (literally).

This happens also when you teach children. Kids have unanswered questions, too. We want them to grasp the whole picture God has for them, when so many of us barely understand it ourselves.

Mark writes, “If you want to learn about the grace and sovereignty of God, don’t go looking for a systematic theology book. Begin by looking at your own story, and look for the surprises. God is often found in the unlikely, the unexpected and the unintended.”

Thanks for the reminder!

I cannot wait to teach my next class of kids to watch for God’s surprises. They are always around the next corner when you trust Him.

“Moses persevered because he saw him who is invisible.” (Hebrew 11:27) 

Question: Have you had any surprises lately? I love to read your comments!

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