My Favorite BOOKS!

Because You Asked!

I just returned from speaking at a phenomenal Children’s Ministry Conference in Torrance, CA. Thank you Stef Mitrano!!


My weekend was spent with several hundred people, under one roof, who love kids and are teaching them about God! It was CRAZY- but what would you expect from hundreds of people who work with kids? So FUN!

While teaching my workshops, I quoted several different authors, and told quite a few people I’d give you my book list. So, here are my top favorite books!


The Message is the Bible in contemporary language. When I memorize scripture, I use King James – or, New King James – version of the Bible. However, I LOVE reading The Message,   especially, aloud to kids.

Books on WORSHIP:

Teaching Kids Authentic Worship– by me, Kathleen Chapman

My Hearts Desire– by David Jeremiah

Mornings With Tozer– by A.W.Tozer  (my daily Devotional)

The Pursuit of God– by A.W.Tozer  (I read once a year-every year)

What Happened to Worship?by A.W.Tozer  (read anything by Tozer!)

Delighting in God– by A.W.Tozer

The Attributes of God– by A.W.Tozer

 EPIC by John Eldredge.

Chasing Daylight– by Erwin McManus (I read everything by him)

Wonder Struck– by Margaret Feinberg

Experiencing GOD– by Henry T. Blackaby & Claude V. King (a great Bible study available with this also)

Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions– by George Barna

Mere Christianity– by C.S.Lewis

Crazy Love– by Francis Chan

Worship is a Verb– by Robert E. Webber

Power in Prayer– by Andrew Murray

The Birthday King– by me, Kathleen Chapman (Explaining WORSHIP to kids!) You can email me and I will send you this book for $15! Autographed!

Books on Temperaments:

The Real You– by Vicki Barnes

Spirit Controlled Temperament– by Tim LaHaye

The Color Code– by Taylor Hartman PHD

My eBook on Temperaments available FREE to everyone who subscribes to my blog!

Coming soon– an exciting new book for Children’s Ministry workers –


Written by sisters Susan Anderson and Kathleen Chapman!

(Should be published by the end of 2016)


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