My Biggest Surprise About True Love

When Duane asked me on the first date, I was intrigued. The next couple dates were fun. Thirteen days after we met, he said he was going to marry me. I almost laughed out loud.

No one can fall in love that fast. He must be nuts. So I thought.

It took me three years to fall in love with him, four years before we were married. I remember the day I fell. Duane was thousands of miles away. He served in the Viet Nam conflict, so he pursued me through two years of writing – letters. (In those days, phone calls were a week’s paycheck.)

His letters were not literature wonders.


He simply told me of his love. They were full of promises, telling me about himself, giving me a chance to get to know the real him. We wrote back and forth about every conceivable topic. The one constant was his unconditional love for me and his unrelenting pursuit!

It was on a Friday my life changed forever. I read a new letter 25 times. Looking back, it was surprisingly similar to his others. The difference was my heart had changed. In a moment I was hooked. My eyes were opened. I didn’t want to live without him.

Duane became my focus. I wrote daily. I questioned everything about this man from as far back as he could remember. I possessed the fervor of a defense attorney in a life or death situation. The more I learned, the deeper I fell. I thought about him every minute. (I coined the term stalker.) I was in love with Duane. He was everything to me, and we married.

True love invokes worship. Yes, I had a worship relationship with my husband before I did with God. Worship is all about falling in love.

The surprise of my life happened 20 years later.

I believed in God, had given Him my heart and life years before. I knew I didn’t want to live without Him, but I never understood He wanted me to fall in love with Him. I never understood worship. God wants our worship. But I never got it.

Do you realize it is impossible to worship someone you don’t love, and equally impossible to love someone you don’t know?

I thought I loved God.  Yet, I knew more about Duane than I knew about God. My desire for Duane trumped my desire for God.

True love?

God has written 66 love letters to us in the Bible – letters. He simply tells us of His love.

Open Bible 01

The letters are full of promises, telling us about Himself, giving us a chance to get to know the real Him. The one constant is His unconditional love for us and His unrelenting pursuit!  I finally got it.

Fast forward 45 years. I still love Duane and I have learned to worship God.

The rewards of true love are incalculable.

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