Me, Too!

I just heard a sermon on the most powerful phrase (actually, the two most powerful words) in the history of spoken words: me, too.

It is so true. Think about it.


When you are struggling with something difficult in your life and come on someone who can identify and say, me too—whew, relief!

When you receive some horrible news, and wish someone could understand how you feel and then another shares the same experience, assuring you it will be okay … wow, thank you!

I vividly remember the year we moved to south Orange County. We’d lost our home, businesses and all investments to a bookkeeper who had been embezzling from our company for close to two years.

She was a very smart woman who almost got away with it.

She did manage to leave us indebted to the IRS for over $500,000, but we were survivors.

We found a business for sale, with a small apartment on the second floor. We moved in with our three kids and the furniture we’d salvaged. It was one of the darkest years in my life. I was not certain I would make it through. Duane and I were devastated, broken and hurting.

After visiting several churches in the area, we landed in a new church—not quite a year old. We stayed because of the me, too people we met there. No one asked questions; they just gave a lot of hugs and encouragement. One couple had experienced almost our exact story. When I heard their me too, I broke down and cried.

It was a good cry. If they made it, so could I. This happened again and again over the next several years.

Today, I want to thank the me, too people who have been in our lives these last 25 years. God has used you to bless our family in ways so unimaginable.

The best part about the power in me, too is that Jesus came to earth, intentionally suffered disgrace, disappointment, ridicule, persecution, bitterness, humiliation, beatings and eventually death.  Therefore, He knows exactly what we are going through today. He says, me, too to every one of our challenges and hurts, and then offers the solution: Himself!

Take time this New Year to thank the me, too people in your life, and then be a me, too person to someone who needs you!

I would love to read your me, too stories.  Please drop me a note!

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