God WOWS are for the Birds!

Another garage sale? Yes, a weekend sleepover with my granddaughters usually requires garage sailing early Saturday morning. This week we nailed a great one with something for everyone at one stop. We even found a treasure for Papa Duane – a birdhouse!


Outside our sliding glass doors, into our garden, stand five amazing bird houses. Now, there will be six.

My husband has been captivated by birds since he was a boy on the family farm in Yelm Washington. He made two of our birdhouses himself, two were hand-made by local bird-aficionados and one affectionately given him by my sister. This new one will require some paint touch-ups; but, he was thrilled when the girls brought it in from our outing.

A bird Duane has never seen is another God Wow for today!

Have you ever heard of the Pacific coast water bird, the Ousel?


It’s a very friendly little bird that lives near mountain streams. It can usually be found where the water is swiftly flowing and splashy. This buoyant bird will be floating along – apparently weightless – then, suddenly, sink to the bottom like a piece of lead.

On the bottom, he walks around picking up bits of food from the streambed. After taking his fill, he goes over to the bank, shakes himself, and mysteriously sets himself afloat again like a wisp of smoke.

It has been discovered that this strange bird has some special equipment. It has a muscular apparatus which can instantly exhaust every bit of air from its body, letting it sink down.  Then, when it walks out, it can take in air again and float off once more.


Isn’t it wonderful that God valued a little bird and made something special so it could get its food conveniently? And this is just ONE of the thousands of different birds He created!

If He so loves the little birds and provides the things to make their existence comfortable, don’t you think He’s willing to provide everything we might need? He loves us even more. Remember, He knows when the sparrows fall.

Another WOW to share with your kids!

“Look at the birds, free and unfettered, not tied down to a job description, careless in the care of God.  And you count far more to him than birds.”  Matthew 6:26 – (The Message)





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