Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day should have something to do with love…and smiles.

We were out of laundry detergent. I realized I needed a certain article of clothing washed for the next morning. I was seriously bummed.  This meant another trip to the store.  Already exhausted from the days chores, I remember thinking, Oh Lord what should I do? It wasn’t really a prayer- but, it could have been. I was putting on my shoes, as the mail arrived. How long has it been since YOU have gotten a sample laundry detergent in the mail?? Years! There it was – THE BRAND we use!

Wow, I felt loved.

It felt like a God Wink.

I was driving to pick up a granddaughter from school last week and wanted to stop by my cleaners on the way. It is located in a strip mall.  Parking spaces are at a premium. As I drove into the lot – later than planned – I quickly shot off, “Oh dear, I need a parking space so I won’t be late!” As I rounded the corner to the cleaners, I was stunned to see an empty spot DIRECTLY in front of the cleaner’s door!

…another God Wink.

I am not referring to HUGE things here.

My hair doesn’t do great in rain. And yes, I am not proud of it, but, I am YELLOW (In temperament) and somewhat vain. I was scheduled to speak in a city an hour from my house. It wasn’t raining when I left home – in fact the sky was ‘Orange County’ blue! Thirty minutes into my trip, I hit the biggest rainstorm of the year! I had no umbrella, no piece of cloth or plastic bag to put over my hair when I arrived at the church.

I pulled as close as I could to the church doors realizing, if I had to make a run for it in my high heels, I was going to be drenched.  I turned the engine off and the rain stopped. NO JOKE. I unloaded my books and supplies, carried them inside, and the rain started pouring as much as before.

God Wink.

Many might argue that a coincidence can happen to anyone. I believe, when you have direct access to Almighty God, – knowing Him personally – He intentionally blesses you – with God Winks. They are usually when you least expect them, just to make you smile.

His Winks have to do with love. His Winks may come through other people too.

Pedicures are a definite luxury for me. Two or three a year are my norm; and, I absolutely LOVE them. It is a time of total guilt free pampering – not something I’ve advertised to many people. However, this year a gift certificate for a pedicure came for my birthday. My friend, who had given it to me, had never done so before.  Literally giddy – as I opened it – I remember thinking, “I never even asked the Lord for this!”

God Wink!

Duane is between jobs. Of course, we constantly ask the Lord to provide; but, the way our prayers are answered simply knocks my socks off. The latest call he received, asking if he would bid a job, came 15 minutes after we finished praying for him to get some work! Fifteen minutes!

God Wink.

This morning, because it is far easier for me to focus on – and complain about, – the crummy events in my life or my world, I decided to count God Winks in my life today – three God Winks so far this morning.

one: I thought I was out of my favorite tea. The box was empty. I moved a couple things in the cupboard and, under a box of cereal, there was ONE lone tea bag. ONE.

two: Our house is cold today.  I forgot to ask Duane to bring in some wood for the fireplace before he left for work. I walked over to the hearth and found an entire box of fresh cut wood just sitting there. (God uses Duane a lot for His winks!)

three: I found a missing (LOST) favorite sock!

God Winks don’t solve the world’s problems. They may not save lives. They remind me that God loves me. They make me smile. God cares about the small things in life – the things that may only matter to us – because, He loves us so much.

John 10:10 is a favorite verse of mine, God says:

“The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that you may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows]!! (Amplified)

WOW! I love knowing God wants me to enjoy my life.

My girlfriend and I have themes for every year. Seriously, some themes have been hysterical. One year our theme was “water.”  So, every time we had lunch, or exchanged gifts, it had to involve water. This year our theme is: “A year of FUN.” (Yes, it helps that we are both YELLOW.) This brightens my life and makes me smile.

She is my God Wink this year! God has her in my life on purpose!

God Winks are for all personalities. What I consider a blessing, others could completely discount as nothing special if it were to happen to them!

So look for your God Winks this week!

Make a list! Thank Him for them.

God gives them because He loves you! Happy Valentine’s Day.

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