God is Due Warm Fuzzy Moments

I just had yogurt with a favorite girl from my kid’s theatre group. It was one of those honest moments, with an 11 year old, that do not come by often. yogurt She was just being herself, announcing – to her mom’s chagrin – her favorite restaurant is some hole in the wall they happened by one afternoon, and, she hates math.  She loves my earrings, but cannot comprehend why I do not like chocolate and peanut butter together.

You know, it was the usual, honest chit chat exchanged when you don’t have to put up any pretense. She knows I love her, whatever she may happen to say. The whole experience gave me my warm fuzzy fix for the week.

It is so refreshing listening to a child talk when he/she doesn’t have to impress anyone or worry about someone’s reaction. In fact, one of my favorite things is to sit with our grandkids and discuss their latest crazy dreams or new pizza creations they want to try.

Last night, the two over-lapped. Our conversation went as follows: Maddie Jo’s idea for a perfect pizza was one topped with whipped cream and pepperoni. At first, she was describing her latest dream, then suddenly she was eagerly anticipating this combination for her next meal. I just listened and loved having her fully engaged in conversation, eye to eye, with me.

I think this must be how God feels when we talk to Him. I believe His favorite conversations with us are when we have no agenda and are simply enjoying spending time with Him. Have you read my book, The Birthday King? TBK_3D I wrote it to help kids understand the meaning of worship.  However, the feedback I’m receiving from adults has left me stunned. It is bringing clarity to adults about spending time with God.

In our rapidly moving lifestyle, our instagram beeps while we’re texting…and, this is usually when we are momentarily stopped at an intersection, in our car. We attempt to stay in touch at such a break necked pace, that eye to eye contact is the rarity – not the norm.

Not only do our family and friends get short changed, think about our time with God.

Spend some time with your Heavenly Father today. Take a deep breath, sit back in your chair and tell Him about your day. Of course, He already knows; but, He genuinely wants you to talk to Him about it anyway. He is due some warm fuzzies.

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