December Did Not Go As Planned…

Going into the holidays, I usually have a perfect picture in my mind of how things will play out. I absolutely love Christmas! In the past, hitting the ground running as soon as the Thanksgiving dinner is cleared away, I know exactly what I need to accomplish each day to complete the December of my dreams!


Every year, there is a new theme for decorating and, this year, Silver Bells were ready to don our home! I come up with lofty goals- including Christmas decorations, parties, presents, productions, guests and food – all falling into place within my anticipated timetable.

The first week in December, however, life threw us a big curve. Our son-in-law, in the middle of producing a huge Christmas program, was in a very serious accident.

Time stood still.

God is still in the miracle business. Within hours of the accident, the doctors, amazed- agreed he would recover. It will, however, take months of physical therapy, rebuilding his health and momentum, to get there – and life will look much different for them for a long while.

Funny how our perspective changes when unexpected trauma interrupts life.

Suddenly Christmas decorations were last on my list of priorities when the call came in about Bob. Monopolizing the cell phone, I asked for prayer. We opened our home to their three precious daughters and tried to keep “Christmas as usual” with their daddy in the hospital, and mommy at his side 24/7.

Priorities dramatically changed. God was center stage, on our hearts, at our fingertips and on our lips constantly- and, Bob was the reason.

Every morning deliberately began with prayer, then reading the Word for assurance, help, peace and motivation to make it through another December day of a different color, so to speak.

Shopping was necessary this year, not the main focus. Meal planning was obligatory.

Our main focus was praying for our son, that he would be okay, and our daughter, taking this new normal one day at a time.

God is so amazing. He is exactly what we need every minute of every day in any circumstance. I read verses as though I had never seen them before – verses full of love and comfort, words that hit the mark of exactly what we were feeling that exact moment in time. Verses their three precious girls needed every minute.

The book of Psalms was written for OUR family.  I am convinced.  Each verse held a new promise for tomorrow. My favorite scripture for the entire month was Ps 91:14-16

“If you’ll hold on to me for dear life,” says God, “I’ll get you out of any trouble. I’ll give you the best of care if you’ll only get to know and trust me. Call me and I’ll answer, be at your side in bad times; I’ll rescue you, then throw you a party. I’ll give you a long life, give you a long drink of salvation!” (The Message)

No, December did not go as planned.

Instead, it was an unbelievable time of dependence on our Lord and the most beautiful time of communion in our hearts including an outpouring of love and prayers from thousands around the country that we never dreamed possible.

Our daughter is being inundated with support, help, prayer and much of it from people she barely knows.

Prayer was our staple. We relished our time together as a family. Baby Jesus was truly on the throne. Friends were more precious than ever. We have been blessed beyond our wildest imaginations and dumbfounded at the grace and mercy of Almighty God through this entire month.

Bob went home from the hospital yesterday. He missed December and Christmas, but is being called a miracle by the medical professionals. He is going to heal. The long road of physical therapy ahead is less dreaded because of God’s provisions in their lives.

To all my readers, please continue to pray for our kids on this journey and – because of Bob’s story – remind yourselves to spend more time with God in your everyday life…He loves you so.

Keep Baby Jesus on the throne.

Don’t miss the surprise blessings that are waiting at your fingertips in God’s Word!






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