A Lesson S L O W L Y Learned!

My verse for the day- James 1:19, “Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.”

Good thing this isn’t the only verse in the Bible; because, it is a tough one for me to keep! My nature is to be slow to listen and quick to speak, which can cause everyone around me to be quick to anger!

My wonderful husband is building us a patio in our back yard. He got some scrap lumber and decided we need a patio.  Presto!  Looks like we will get a patio outside our kitchen window.


He had explained how and why he was going to assemble the project; but, I hadn’t been listening. Now I was focused on this large amount of ugly wood being carted – by some men I didn’t know – to my backyard! We need this wood? When did we talk about this? He is going to WHAT?

Then, the hammering began. After 4 hours, I went outside and found that nothing had been built yet – nothing. Duane explained they were preparing the foundation. This was followed by four more hours of hammering. I couldn’t go into any room in the house without hearing the nail gun shooting away. It echoed off the other houses in the neighborhood. I fully expected the police to show up at any given moment.

I went to the grocery store.

Do you realize how many women go to the grocery store simply to get out of the house? I make new friends with each trip.

In the freezer department, I found the funniest woman I have ever met.  She was a mother of triplets.  She explained, they had no air-conditioning in their home.  Her husband does not want to get air-conditioning; so, she leaves the triplets with him – during the hottest part of the day – and walks the frozen food aisles for a couple hours! She had me in hysterics.

Another woman I met, in the bread aisle, had a houseful of teenagers and most weren’t hers; so, she had to go someplace with peace and quiet.

I have run into several parents of kids from my drama productions and love hearing accolades of how much they have enjoyed my camps.

Of course, there were several moms roaming the food aisles with their coupons.  They were entirely too focused to want to visit with a woman whose only complaint is her husband noisily building a patio in her yard.

I knew I had been at the store too long when the man behind the sample food table told me there were only three samples per customer – refusing to serve me another cracker with cheese spread. Fine. It wasn’t that tasty anyway.

Back to my house, I drove home- in the dark. It was very quiet as I walked into my house – no nail gun sound. Timidly, I walked into the kitchen and observed my husband and oldest son, through the window, proudly sitting on our new patio in unfamiliar chairs.

I ventured outside and could not believe the beautiful new patio in our backyard!!

It had been furnished with a new patio set of barely used wrought iron table and chairs, given to Duane last week.

Duane assured me he had told me about this project weeks ago. He said I was fine with the idea. Apparently, I had not REALLY listened to his plans. Note to self; learn to listen better.

How do I like my new patio? I LOVE it!!

“Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to get angry.”

Hmmmm…I wonder how long it will take me to learn to use this verse, and the principle around it, that God generously wants me to implement in my daily life!

Is there anyone who can identify with me?



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