Disclaimer: People with YELLOW Temperaments love people and get new best friends easily.  So, a note to my true best friends: this too will pass.

My new best friend owns the local cleaners. Changing her name to protect the innocent, I will call her Lois.

Lois sees me once a month when I deliver or pick up our cleaning. Sometimes, we only have one or two items in our order. It is not like we are high paying patrons who keep her in business; but, she makes me feel like I am her favorite person in the world.

Last month, I had barely walked through the door when she saw me from the back of her business and hollered, “Mrs. Chapman your hair is so beautiful today!”

She always has something nice to say about what I’m wearing, from my shoes to my earrings.

“Mrs. Chapman, how are you today?”

I tell her, “Please, call me Kathleen.”

Yet, I remain, “Mrs. Chapman.”

“Mrs. Chapman, isn’t it a lovely day today?” “Mrs. Chapman, the breeze is so wonderful in this town.” Mrs. Chapman, you always look so bright and cheerful!”

A few months ago, she saw me at another place of business in town and came up behind me, “Mrs. Chapman, my day is brighter now that I’ve seen you today!”

Okay, admittedly, I may be a bit shallow, loving the positive comments and compliments.  However, you can’t argue with the fact that this woman has power in her attitude and words!

My Results are IN!

For my Mother’s Day gift, I sent away (six weeks ago) to Ancestry.com for my DNA results, curious as to my ancestors’ beginnings.

I discovered I am 39% Dutch, 25% British, 25% Irish, 8% Scandinavian and 2% Jewish! I knew I was mostly Dutch; but, it is fun to see the extent of my grandparents’ and great grandparents’ history.

Of course, I immediately identified with Audrey Hepburn, a famous actress, who was also Dutch! I’m certain we are cousins! Look at the resemblance!

Born Audrey Kathleen Ruston, (did you know her middle name was Kathleen?) did you know Audrey was inducted into the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame? She loved performing and looking fabulous.

Ah, the similarities between us are mind boggling!

I enjoyed finding out about some other distant cousins: Franklin D. Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt – both of Dutch decent and both Presidents of the U. S.!

Do you remember Martin Van Buren, the eighth President of the United States, and the first president who was not of English, Irish, or Scottish descent? Dutch was spoken in his house when he was a boy.

Thomas Edison, also Dutch, was an inventor and businessman.  Another Dutchman, Walter Cronkite, became a CBS Evening News anchor. Perhaps, my creative and inquiring mind comes from such as these?

Vincent van Gogh and Rembrandt may be the most famous Dutch painters. Okay, sadly, I have nothing in common with either of them.

My, it’s been so interesting investigating since my DNA results have come back!

My Dad Saved My Life!

I was probably 10 years old when our parents announced we were going on our first camping trip as a family. I believe we borrowed a very large tent, if memory serves me right; because, I never saw it again after that trip. My brother was allowed to take a friend so, counting my sister and me, there would be six of us in close sleeping quarters.

I remember getting brand new sleeping bags and helping mom with meal ideas. We had a large new cooler, for storing our food, and the Sequoia National Park campsite furnished the barbeque stove and picnic table.

This was going to be a trip of a lifetime! We had never been camping as a family.  I was so excited I could hardly sleep for days before our trip.

We drove, what seemed like forever, until we finally arrived at our destination. Our tent was pitched close to a creek!! Could this vacation get any better? Within minutes our shoes were off and we were wading in the ice cold water by the campsite.

Everything was going perfectly, until it was time to go to the bathroom.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day should have something to do with love…and smiles.

We were out of laundry detergent. I realized I needed a certain article of clothing washed for the next morning. I was seriously bummed.  This meant another trip to the store.  Already exhausted from the days chores, I remember thinking, Oh Lord what should I do? It wasn’t really a prayer- but, it could have been. I was putting on my shoes, as the mail arrived. How long has it been since YOU have gotten a sample laundry detergent in the mail?? Years! There it was – THE BRAND we use!

Wow, I felt loved.

Temperaments: YELLOW EMOTIONS!

Hang on, this segment will be a wild ride explaining the YELLOW temperament’s EMOTIONS!

The two strongest and loudest temperaments are RED and YELLOW.  We discussed the RED, in my last post.  Now, I will attempt to portray the YELLOW’s emotions – being as impartial as possible.




A YELLOW’S emotions go WAY up, then WAY down, then sideways and back up again! That describes how I feel some mornings before getting out of bed!

YELLOWS are vivaciously expressive. They enjoy life to the fullest. YELLOWS usually wear their emotions on their sleeves- being the most dramatically animated temperament of all four. When emotions are up, they hope the world will join in their celebrations.  When emotions are down, they expect the world to feel their pain as severely as they!


Grand-Parenting Lessons I Have Learned This Summer!

Next summer, I am going to have a LARGE schedule – for all 12 weeks – displayed on my refrigerator!


I have always thought schedules were for the school year. Summers are supposed to be carefree and fun! However, now that we are grandparents of 10 school aged kids – all living within 10 minutes of our house – our summer has taken on a life all to itself.

Under the Weather? Pick Some Dandelions!

I have always loved Dandelions. Yes, even when I was informed, at a young age, they were simply weeds. Surprise, surprise! Look what I recently found in the encyclopedia!

“All parts of the dandelion have culinary and medicinal value. It is best to harvest fresh young dandelion leaves in the spring.


The small, young leaves are less bitter, and may be eaten uncooked in salads. Larger leaves can be lightly steamed to reduce bitterness. Leaves gathered in the fall are naturally less bitter.

Dandelion is a nutritive herb rich in potassium , calicum, and lecithin , with iron, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus , proteins, silicon, boron , and zinc . Dandelion provides several B vitamins along with vitamins C and E as well as vitamin P.

Wait! There is more!

Do You FEEL Forgiven?

I heard a story about how a child, on his first trip to Washington DC, became fixated on the Washington Monument. After taking the tour twice – and, seeing how big and incredibly impressive the monument was – he decided to buy it.

The Washington Monument as seen from the Lincoln Memorial
He gathered his spending money and marched up to the information booth. He told the lady, at the counter, he wanted to buy the Washington Monument.

She tried to hide her smile and told him it wasn’t for sale. He then dumped a baggy full of dollars and coins onto the counter, telling her he had almost nine dollars to pay for it.

When she told him it was worth far more than he had, the boy offered to work for the rest of the cost!

She was obviously impressed with his intentions and asked him an interesting question, “Young man, are you an American?” “Yes!” he proudly shot back.

“Then, you’ll be delighted to hear the Washington Monument already belongs to you.”

The boy gasped, “It does? It doesn’t feel like it.”

Remember to Say THANK YOU!

The Smith family have four kids under six years old. Mr. and Mrs. Smith trade off Saturdays and come to church contributing to the custodial help. They are incredibly faithful, rain or shine. Last week, Mr. Smith had his six-year-old son join him as he emptied the church offices’ waste baskets. He explained, “we want our kids to make service a part of their lives too.”


One of my favorite bloggers (Jen Hatmaker) wrote a post thanking the unsung heroes in our churches,

“Shout out to all the guys and gals – at churches early – setting up chairs, getting classrooms ready, putting signs out, queuing up sound, lights and power points, rehearsing the music, setting out welcome tables and making the coffee. You are unsung heroes.

Asthma Interrupts Life!

Part of this job, as a blogger, makes me nervous. I tend to be a private person – except where my passions ignite. For example: writing on the temperaments is exhilarating because of years studying them.


I am passionate to write about kids; because, I believe every child should have a chance to know and fall in love with Jesus. And, I love writing on marriage and family; because, I’m in love with my husband of 46 years and want to answer questions and concerns from young married couples.

However, when life throws me curves, I am not so eager to go public. In the past 18 months, while I have been blogging, the most impacting responses from readers have come from my being vulnerable. So here goes: