I love kids.  They fascinate me.

We were surrounded by kids this past weekend. We love it when our ten grandchildren are together in our home; but, this time there were three young cousins in the mix. Our nephew, and his family of five from Sacramento, was visiting also.


I have been tempted to set up a video surveillance camera system for occasions such as this to prove my “temperament” assessments as you watch thirteen children interact.

Out of four total temperaments, the two strongest are RED and YELLOW. They are most recognizable by being loud, bossy and in charge. We had seven, out of 13, in this category.

The remaining six are BLUE and GREEN. They assist, cooperate and enjoy following the leaders. These adorable kids seemed to enjoy the louder ones – each one letting the others BE who they are! (One, at 10 months, appears to be a quiet, sweet, happy GREEN.)

I wish I had been more aware of temperaments when our children were young. It certainly would have been easier to parent them. Our three kids have a combination of all four temperaments.

Temperaments: YELLOW EMOTIONS!

Hang on, this segment will be a wild ride explaining the YELLOW temperament’s EMOTIONS!

The two strongest and loudest temperaments are RED and YELLOW.  We discussed the RED, in my last post.  Now, I will attempt to portray the YELLOW’s emotions – being as impartial as possible.




A YELLOW’S emotions go WAY up, then WAY down, then sideways and back up again! That describes how I feel some mornings before getting out of bed!

YELLOWS are vivaciously expressive. They enjoy life to the fullest. YELLOWS usually wear their emotions on their sleeves- being the most dramatically animated temperament of all four. When emotions are up, they hope the world will join in their celebrations.  When emotions are down, they expect the world to feel their pain as severely as they!


Temperaments Podcast: Episode 3, TANTRUMS!

With Real Food Family creator, Roz!

Every parent has experienced that moment of pure frustration and said, (or wanted to say)”THIS IS THE HARDEST STINKIN’ JOB IN THE WORLD- AND I DON’T EVEN GET PAID!!

These moments are not usually simultaneous with warm fuzzy times with your children. These moments typically occur during or shortly after a TANTRUM (Or something as traumatic) as you frantically search the kitchen for chocolate. Or ice cream. Or whatever is strong enough to ease the stress of feeling like you’re doing everything WRONG!

Today young mom, Roz, and I are taking on this wonderful subject: TANTRUMS AND MISBEHAVIOR AT ANY AGE.

This topic is too important to cover in just one podcast. This is part one of this topic, covering…

Temperament Podcast: Episode 2

Did you know the best ways to spend time with and make memories with your children and loved ones depends on their temperament?

What is meaningful and the “best day ever” for one person may look completely different for someone else! One of the best tools you can possibly have as you navigate parenting and relationships is understanding temperaments!

In this Podcast with Kathleen and Roz Mignogna, we are discussing what kind of activities and ideas will be the most meaningful and exciting based on  temperaments!

Click play on our YouTube video above to listen to the podcast, or click play below to listen to the audio stream.

If you are new to this Temperament subject, may I encourage you to listen to our first podcast:

Click here to listen to Episode 1 if you missed it!

We would LOVE to hear what you think about our podcast! Do you have any ideas for creating meaningful moments based on what you’ve hear here? If you have any questions, please send them our way with a comment or by contacting us. We’d love to answer questions on the next podcast!

 Show Notes and Resources

Download my ebook on temperaments! Know what to expect from your children and family members by understanding everyone’s temperaments!

Think you child has ADD or a behavioral disorder? Sometimes it’s not a medical thing, it’s a temperament thing. But either way, we’d love to share essential oils (concentrated plant extracts) with you because they have dramatically helped us balance some frustrating behavioral issues! Either click on Roz’s essential oils page or contact Roz with questions.

Remember to visit Roz Mignogna’s website, Real Food Family!


Ask everyone in the family what their “perfect day” looks like. This will tell you a lot about everyone’s unique temperament. Based on your answers and what you’ve learned from the podcast, plan something memorable for each person this week! Feel free to share how it goes in the comments below!

Morning Temperaments!

Help for MOMS everywhere!

I had breakfast with a young RED mom, the other day, and listened how she struggles with her morning schedule – having three kids under five. I will admit, I was having flashbacks from when I was in her exact shoes. However, she has a definite advantage over me at that age.


She understands temperaments!

Her GREEN/BLUE husband has a completely opposite temperament from hers; and, her three little kids encompass all four temperament qualities among them. Two of her children are in pre-school and baby goes to grandma each morning, as both parents work.

She was describing her typical morning and I tried not to laugh. I truly know how she feels and I only had ONE GREEN out of our three kids.

Here is her dilemma:

Introducing my first Temperament podcast!

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Also, listen to the audio file of the Real Family podcast here:

 Introducing my first Temperament podcast with Roz Mignogna, NTP, CD(DONA) Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Certified Birth Doula (DONA) BA- Health Arts and Sciences.

I have known Roz since she was two years old, She grew up in my theatre workshops and her parents became our dearest friends. Her dad, Gene Roberson, is the musical genius with whom I write musicals. Her mom is our family Doctor.

Roz is now a young wife and mom of three girls, right in the middle of the parenting trenches. She asked if I would please dialogue with her on various topics, the first being temperaments. Roz has a website called Real Food Family.


Welcome to Real Food Family’s NEW “Real Family” Podcast with Kathleen Chapman!

I haven’t been this excited about a new blog in a LONG time!

You were introduced to my mentor, Kathleen Chapman, a while back with some video interviews I posted. During my recent cross-country trip, I became addicted to a few podcasts (like the Mom Heart podcast!) and was inspired to start my own podcast with the brilliant and fabulous Kathleen Chapman!

Whenever I get together with Kathleen to talk about family life, parenting and identifying temperaments I actually feel guilty I’m one of very few moms receiving her life-changing mentoring. Kathleen is one of the most fun yet powerful leaders I’ve ever known in my entire life. She impacts every person who meets or works with her in any way.

So now our REAL FAMILY podcast is my way of gifting Kathleen to more parents like me. Parents who need serious help navigating the incredibly unique temperaments of  children and how those temperaments work with our own temperaments.

But this podcast isn’t only for parents. It’s for anyone who wants to master the art of having meaningful relationships with other people- family members, co-workers, employees, students, teachers, neighbors…you name it.

Understanding temperaments is about overcoming conflict and finding joy and fulfillment in relationships with others, then ultimately how we can submit our own temperaments to God to be used for His ultimate plan and glory.

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Show Notes: 

Kathleen Chapman’s blog

Real Food Family® blog

The Kid Book (Amazon link)

HOMEWORK: Temperaments Test- Click here to get the test by subscribing to Kathleen’s email newsletters.

Keep Kids Busy and Out of TROUBLE!

Soon after our first child was born, I remember my mom telling me, “Always keep your children busy and they are less likely to get into trouble.”  Those were the days of only 13 channels on TV and no computers, cell phones or internet.

Mom had wisdom beyond her years. Although, she never could have imagined the world in which our kids are living today.


I want to add an addendum to her mantra: Keep kids busy and physically active and they are less likely to find themselves in trouble.

Everyone Has a PASSION for Something!

As a young child, my passions varied from designing paper dolls – and, playing next door with my best friend – to decorating my half of the bedroom. (My sister had the other half).

Dictionary definition of the word passion.

Paper dolls came in book form, with the various outfits to be punched out from inside pages. There were never enough clothes included for any ONE paper doll; so, I started designing outfits of my own. This kept me busy throughout summers – even while at our grandparents’ home for two weeks each school vacation.

I’m not sure when my passions switched to real live boys; but, I assure you it happened.

Tears, Tears and More Tears!

Six year old Matt missed his turn playing with a toy his cousins had been passing around. “I missed my turn,” he sobbed hysterically.


Matt is the youngest in a family of three.

Birth order: suggests that he may, or may not, be a bit spoiled.

His primarily YELLOW temperament: confirms emotions run close to the surface with an added drama gene thrown in the mix.

Whichever the case, Matt needed some comforting because he was heartbroken in the moment. After a few minutes of consolation, he was back joining in the fun with his sisters and cousins.