God has a PLAN for every Life!

I prefer living in a fantasy world. It is more fun. As a child, I loved reading fiction. I grew up dreaming and pretending, because my childhood seemed boring and uneventful. Nancy Drew Mysteries filled my days with excitement!

By high school, I had read every Grace Livingston Hill book in our school library. I was determined to grow up experiencing thrilling romance, and of course, meeting the Christian man of my dreams. We would have beautiful children, buy our dream home and live happily ever after.

I accepted Jesus into my heart as a small child, but never gave much thought to God having a PLAN for my life.

A Child is Watching You!

One of “my kids,” who grew up in musical theatre as a small child, made a point to say good-bye to me the weekend he left for college. I was leaving church, out the side door to make a quick getaway, and he surprised me with a big hug as I came around the corner.

“I knew I’d see you if I came to this side door, he smiled, “You always went out this way when you were in a rush to leave church.”

“Seriously? You knew that about me?”

“Yes,” he said, almost blushing as he stood over 6 feet tall now. “Miss Kathleen, you were my favorite teacher.  I watched every move you made for most the years I was growing up in this church.”

Hoping he had no stalker tendencies, I questioned, “Can I ask you why?”

“Sure, because you were one of the people who I knew loved me; and, I watched everything you did.”

Whoa. I never knew that.

The rest of that afternoon I walked around the house, doing my Sunday afternoon routine stuff, wondering what ELSE he might have seen me do.

December Did Not Go As Planned…

Going into the holidays, I usually have a perfect picture in my mind of how things will play out. I absolutely love Christmas! In the past, hitting the ground running as soon as the Thanksgiving dinner is cleared away, I know exactly what I need to accomplish each day to complete the December of my dreams!


Every year, there is a new theme for decorating and, this year, Silver Bells were ready to don our home! I come up with lofty goals- including Christmas decorations, parties, presents, productions, guests and food – all falling into place within my anticipated timetable.

The first week in December, however, life threw us a big curve. Our son-in-law, in the middle of producing a huge Christmas program, was in a very serious accident.

Temperaments: GREEN EMOTIONS!

You have heard me say GREEN temperaments are the nicest people in the world. It is the truest statement that can be made about this temperament! They are nice and quiet.


I am blessed with a GREEN child, children-in-law, grandchildren, friends and BEST friends. I gravitate toward GREEN temperaments, because, they seem to enjoy life more that most. GREENS also calm me down and fill me with peace in crazy situations.

My dad was a GREEN temperament.  In my entire life, he never raised his voice to me!  I guarantee you, I gave him plenty of reasons to do so; but, he was the kindest person I ever knew.

Temperaments: YELLOW EMOTIONS!

Hang on, this segment will be a wild ride explaining the YELLOW temperament’s EMOTIONS!

The two strongest and loudest temperaments are RED and YELLOW.  We discussed the RED, in my last post.  Now, I will attempt to portray the YELLOW’s emotions – being as impartial as possible.




A YELLOW’S emotions go WAY up, then WAY down, then sideways and back up again! That describes how I feel some mornings before getting out of bed!

YELLOWS are vivaciously expressive. They enjoy life to the fullest. YELLOWS usually wear their emotions on their sleeves- being the most dramatically animated temperament of all four. When emotions are up, they hope the world will join in their celebrations.  When emotions are down, they expect the world to feel their pain as severely as they!


Temperaments: BLUE Emotions!

I loved hearing about my dad’s growing up years in small town, Lyons, Nebraska. I loved hearing about the general store his dad had owned. (My grandfather I never met.) He talked about the downtown red brick streets and his mom (my grandmother) who was the high school English teacher and the Post Mistress of the Post Office.


Dad was an amazing story teller of memories.

My dad was all heart. Traditions were important to him. His predominantly BLUE temperament was obvious to all who knew him. Dad loved God. He was the number one man in my life as far back as I remember. I compared every boyfriend to him. Each one always came up short- until I met Duane, also a predominantly BLUE temperament.

BLUES are the most sensitive of all four temperaments. They have a difficult time letting go of unpleasant memories, but quickly enjoy making new ones. Emotionally, they run the deepest of all four temperaments.

My sister, also predominantly BLUE, explains it this way, “Traditions are more than just events. To a BLUE, traditions are about people. Holidays, reunions, birthday parties are very fun – but pretty much empty rooms – without people to celebrate. We are not so much interested in the ambiance as the people.”

Regarding kids, she remembered- “little BLUES care about connections made during special occasions.  Adults involved can actually play a part in making the little BLUE into the person he/she will become. These events can also be scary to BLUE children if no one takes the time to connect with them, to acknowledge they are there. Little BLUES will disappear into the woodwork if told to stay back and be quiet.”

My sister finished by pointing out, “Things are connected to memories – which are connected to people.”

I didn’t know very much about temperaments when we first married. I did, however, recognize that I (YELLOW) was more interested in lavishly decorating and preparing for a party than Duane. Once the guests arrived, Duane would visit with the people he enjoyed.

He also would remember every conversation he had after the event was over – especially, rehashing things he wished he had said differently. BLUES have an uncanny ability to remember moments in their past and, positive or otherwise, enjoy sharing their memories with those they love.

A personal note: YELLOWS crash when each party is over, convinced it was far better than the last- and deflated until the next event is on the horizon!  Ambience is EVERYTHING to a YELLOW! “Rehashing” is not in our vocabulary.

BLUES are the best friends to have – loyal, trustworthy, honest and true. I have heard BLUE husbands are the least likely ever to be unfaithful. BLUES are born with a moral compass: right or wrong, black or white.  They have great respect for integrity in others.

BLUES, though often quiet, are recognized by how intensely they attack any project. They tend to be perfectionists, and can be harder on themselves than others are on them. They have the ability to focus tightly on a project and set high standards, for themselves, to see it through.

For emotional growth, BLUES need appreciation for thinking projects through and for their quality work. They love to be appreciated for simply being responsible. They need acceptance, stability, security and to belong.  Because, of his/her fragile self image, a BLUE is nurtured by praise and appreciation. Encourage them away from negativity.

BLUES are great planners and organizers. Since they need help overcoming negativity, structure and organization are critical.  They will adhere to a well thought out, and clearly stated, calendar.  Details are important to them.

If you have a BLUE in your life, you are truly blessed. They are dependable, gentle giants. It is extremely important to treasure those BLUES – and say so- because, they WILL remember!

Perfect scripture for a BLUE, Psalm 32:1,2 & 10,11. (The Message)

“Count yourself lucky, how happy you must be—you get a fresh start, your slate’s wiped clean.

 Count yourself lucky—God holds nothing against you and you’re holding nothing back from him.

God-defiers are always in trouble; God-affirmers find themselves loved every time they turn around.

 Celebrate God. Sing together—everyone! All you honest hearts, raise the roof!”





Thanksgiving Traditions

When I was a child, everything seemed bigger and more special at Thanksgiving.


Our family celebrated Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents’ home in Los Angeles. I remember them having the biggest dinner table in the world, with a beautiful tablecloth and lots of extra silverware. There were relatives who smelled nice, especially Great Aunt Grace, and cousins we rarely saw during the year.

Looking back, I am certain it was my Grandparents’ regular dining table; but, it seemed huge because of all the food displayed at once. The ‘extra silverware’ I remembered was probably an extra salad fork and dessert spoon that were not on the table during the rest of the year.

Keep Kids Busy and Out of TROUBLE!

Soon after our first child was born, I remember my mom telling me, “Always keep your children busy and they are less likely to get into trouble.”  Those were the days of only 13 channels on TV and no computers, cell phones or internet.

Mom had wisdom beyond her years. Although, she never could have imagined the world in which our kids are living today.


I want to add an addendum to her mantra: Keep kids busy and physically active and they are less likely to find themselves in trouble.

Grand-Parenting Lessons I Have Learned This Summer!

Next summer, I am going to have a LARGE schedule – for all 12 weeks – displayed on my refrigerator!


I have always thought schedules were for the school year. Summers are supposed to be carefree and fun! However, now that we are grandparents of 10 school aged kids – all living within 10 minutes of our house – our summer has taken on a life all to itself.

Tears, Tears and More Tears!

Six year old Matt missed his turn playing with a toy his cousins had been passing around. “I missed my turn,” he sobbed hysterically.


Matt is the youngest in a family of three.

Birth order: suggests that he may, or may not, be a bit spoiled.

His primarily YELLOW temperament: confirms emotions run close to the surface with an added drama gene thrown in the mix.

Whichever the case, Matt needed some comforting because he was heartbroken in the moment. After a few minutes of consolation, he was back joining in the fun with his sisters and cousins.