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Teaching Kids Authentic Worship

How to glue a child to God for life

Church-raised children are maturing into church-dropout adults.  What has gone wrong, and what can reverse the trend? There is glue available, which sticks kids to God for life, and that glue is “worship.” Let’s start at square one and follow God’s instructions in teaching children how to have a worship relationship with Him. Children can understand worship as young as age two! This presentation is based on the content of Kathleen’s book, Teaching Kids Authentic Worship.


Who Are You? Who is Your Child?

Using temperaments/personalities as teaching tools!

Children are created with unique temperaments/personalities. They are a pre-disposition. How cool is this? These dissimilarities, instead of being utilized as vital teaching tools, are often ignored or a reason for panic. We as parents have a responsibility to recognize how these inherent differences can be paramount in benefiting each child’s development and happy life.


Motherhood: God’s Idea! 

In the book of Proverbs, God shows us what traits He gives mothers. These blessings range from Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge,, Tenderness, A Sincere Faith, Inner confidence, Unselfish Love, Tolerance, Truth, Inner strength to Self-control! Let us spend some time being encouraged!


Parenting Secrets 2016

The 7 most important R’s you can do at home!

After 46 years of marriage, three happily married loving adult children and ten adorable grandkids, I have some thoughts and warnings to bring to the table for parents. And I’ll do it with wit and wisdom!


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