YELLOWS Just Want to Have FUN!

Weekly, I speak on the Four Temperaments and – invariably – am asked, “Can you describe each temperament in one sentence?”

Here goes: REDS will HELP you do it RIGHT…IMMEDIATELY!

YELLOWS just want to have FUN and FRIENDS.


GREENS are the NICEST, who love PEACE and QUIET.

Done. Of course there is SO much more to each temperament, because each has its strengths and weaknesses. Also, the same temperaments can look different considering the age, gender, background and, sometimes, special physical challenges of each person.

Let’s focus on YELLOWS for a moment.  I guarantee each YELLOW person wants FUN in his/her life.

This is also obvious in very young YELLOWS. Our YELLOW granddaughter has never missed attending a birthday party to which she has been invited. Actually, she has been known to invite herself to parties and, sadly, has had to learn not everyone in the world wants to meet her.

I am a YELLOW/RED, which looks something like this:

Relationally YELLOW, outside the home, I PASSIONATELY love people, parties, sparkle and fashion.  However, I parented mostly RED (the most impatient of all four temperaments) and am seriously task oriented and focused when writing/speaking.

So, to introduce the YELLOW temperament, I will give you a recent, personal example.

My husband, Duane (BLUE), and I were planning a free day together. Between work, kids, grandkids and church, we rarely have a whole day, to spend alone.

Immediately, I thought of several places we could go to have fun: Disneyland, Sea World, or wait! We haven’t been to Knott’s Berry Farm in 25 years!! Maybe, we could invite so and so to go with us and really make it an exciting day??

Duane stared at me for a full 15 seconds before speaking. First, he reminded me of our limited budget. Well, that took care of my top three suggestions. Then, he carefully shared he had thought it would be a day with just us- alone- the two of us.

Oh dear, I thought he wanted to have fun!??!

A YELLOW thinks of commotion, people, noise, hoop-la, excitement and spontaneity as fun! Lots of variety and unknown surprises! The more the merrier! Laughter, conversation and strangers keep the pulse racing and the energy building momentum!

YELLOWS plan their wardrobes and dialogue potential with whomever they might meet!

YELLOWS love to play. They make for FUN parents. They have an impulsive side.

We had been married three years when I convinced Duane to crash a wedding reception at a hotel where we were spending the weekend. We had finished a nice romantic dinner, just the two of us, in the hotel dining room; when, I noticed a wedding reception in the neighboring ballroom. There were hundreds of wedding guests dancing. I knew we could slip in, join in the dancing, and none would be wiser! This took some creative begging on my part; but, Duane reluctantly agreed to go along with my plan. We went dancing!

It was SO much fun and the hour of dancing was magical! Of course, he would have no part in my suggesting we hit the reception dessert buffet. I clapped right along with the crowd for the bride and groom’s first dance! In my mind, I pretended I’d known them for years.

Duane was game for several crazy adventures with his YELLOW wife the first few years of marriage. Not so much anymore.

When Duane thinks of a ‘fun’ day, it means doing a DIY project around the house together- just the two of us. He enjoys walking through Home Depot or Loews Hardware Stores with me, dreaming of projects we can do together. He also thinks watching a football or basketball game, with me sitting next to him on our couch, is a fun event.

Remember, Duane is BLUE. See the difference between us?

YELLOWS genuinely enjoy people. It is wise to have a YELLOW included on a party invitation list. It will insure cheerful mingling among your guests. YELLOWS are great on planning teams.  They have fun, creative ideas. YELLOWS are delightful dinner guests. They are rarely quiet or moody in a crowd.

My YELLOW girlfriend and I dressed as old women, complete with gray wigs, and went to Las Vegas for two days. She was writing an article on how senior citizens are treated in restaurants and hotels. We actually were last to be served in eating facilities and had the longest wait at the hotel; but, we pulled it off, nearly killing ourselves with laughter in between acting the part. Only YELLOWS would have done that!

Yes, YELLOWS have some weaknesses, but, thankfully, now is not the time for that discussion.

I do believe God was beaming broadly the day He created the YELLOW temperament!






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