Writing a Blog

And Answering Questions!

Most recent question: “How come you are only writing your blog every 10 days or so?”

Lately, my days have been filled with unexpected blessings. It is true. I have missed chatting with you.


I love writing this blog; but, our daughter moved back to California last month, and we are making up for lost time. We missed so much in our granddaughters’ day to day lives, while they lived back east.

Example: last week my sheets needed changing, our bathrooms needed cleaning and my blog needed finishing, when our granddaughters called and asked if they could, “…come over and play.” “Absolutely,” I spurted, before even thinking! This was a no-brainer! It turned into a crazy sleepover with 6 granddaughters! This is the 4th one this month!

And, for you BLUES, yes, the sheets finally got changed.

I promise to get back on track soon. I receive more questions on temperaments than any thing else right now.

A question I received, earlier this month, from a young mom: “We are in a crummy season of marriage and I’m expecting our 2nd baby. My usual YELLOW temperament isn’t very spontaneous or fun anymore and my GREEN husband is perfectly happy doing nothing and going nowhere…thoughts?”

Yes! First, every marriage has dry seasons. It’s perfectly normal- especially during pregnancy. My guess is that you would like your GREEN man to step it up and make things more exciting right now? That’s probably not going to happen.

The BEST thing about being married to GREENS is that they are content and easy going! They are the nicest people in the world! Count your blessings. He could have been dragging your pregnant self all over town every night, tiring you out.

My suggestion (being a brilliant YELLOW) is for you to initiate a fun outing or project and encourage him to play along. Before you know it, he will be enjoying himself and will be glad you acted on it. It may take once a month on your part at first; but, I bet he will catch the idea and start to join in soon. At the close of a perfect date, would be a good time to remind him you’d like him to make the first move sometimes as well.

Whatever temperaments our spouses happen to have, there are positives about them. Sometimes, we have to take a step back, look for the positives, and ignore the negatives for a time.

One of the best books ever written on temperaments for adults is Spirit Controlled Temperaments by Tim LaHaye.

Happy blogger signing off for now!

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  • Wonderful!! We are so glad the family is back in town and believe me, I understand the stresses of keeping a blog. I don’t think people realize how much work goes in. Any post on temperaments is fascinating to me. I talk about it so much and am constantly referring my friends to your blog to learn more about it. I suggest having a pop-up window that directs people to purchase your temperament parenting “cheat sheets”. I think I’ve told at least 50 people to buy them from you!! And I really hope you’re working on your own book on the subject!!! I love your story-telling approach to teaching on the temperaments. It’s really fun to relate my family members to the stories. 😉 Love you!!!!

    • Oh! And an affiliate program for your products would be awesome to “incentivise” other bloggers like me to promote your website!! (Okay, it’s your RED here trying to manage the world!)

      • thekathleenchapman

        Love it Roz!

    • thekathleenchapman

      Yes, the temperament charts are in my store! The temperament test is in the back of my EBook (free when you subscribe to my blog!) Thanks Roz!