The Color of PASSION!

The most popular question this week is: “Which temperament is most passionate?” Passion comes from the Latin word “passio” which means “to suffer.” It is what happens when you hunger for something so intensely you will sacrifice anything to have it.


First, let me be clear, every temperament has passion potential!

Because of the drama surrounding YELLOWS. And yes, because they tend to be a bit louder than the other temperaments, they are assumed to be most passionate. YELLOWS are genuinely passionate in the moment.

But, let me answer this question by also showing you some RED, BLUE and GREEN examples of passion.

GREEN Joyce squeals with delight inside when she knows she is going to the mall. She is passionate about shopping.

BLUE Lynn is beyond passionate when details of a party she plans come together.

RED Mark is the very opinionated and passionate sports commentator at every party, whether it is his or someone else’s.

My brother, RED/GREEN, is a senior pastor. He is passionate about teaching God’s Word and football. No one is louder or more passionate, while watching a football game–except, maybe now, his own sons.

My BLUE/GREEN niece is a professional chef. At first glance, sweet and quiet mannerisms deceive you into thinking there is little passion. Well, get her into a kitchen and look out! I watched in awe as she catered a party for me, reminding me of Clark Kent, mild mannered news reporter who turned into Superman. Once in her comfort zone, she is obviously PASSIONATE about what she does so well.

My childhood best friend, Jannet, RED/GREEN, is an antique furniture and artifacts connoisseur. Turn her loose at an antique or estate sale and she becomes unrecognizable! She is entertaining and educational to watch and so passionate you best get out of her way!

My sweet GREEN/BLUE granddaughter lights up a room as she quietly explains her latest play writing project. She has to be reminded to breathe as she describes the characters in her storyline–quiet passion bursting from each sentence!

See? Every temperament has the passion gene. Don’t equate loudness with passion. Stop and think. What makes your blood race through your veins with passion?

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What do you hunger for so intensely you will sacrifice anything to have it?

Tell me about it!

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