ONLY Because You Asked!

Okay, Dear Readers … my email box has now reached capacity (read: stuffed beyond belief).

I love all of your questions; but, you know, if I take time to respond to each of you personally, that is all I will ever do! So, today I thought I’d just sum it all up, and give you all the answers … right here, right now. Ready? Here goes:


Q: I want your hairstyle … but I don’t even know what to tell my hairdresser. Does this haircut have a name? How do you style your hair? Come on, Kathleen. Please give up the secrets!

First, thank you for asking.

My hair … I do it all myself. I cut, color, shape, tweak, blow dry, scrunch and paste my spiky style. I am a trained professional. But here’s my little secret: anyone can do what I do. You just need the right stuff. Trust me.

First, there is the cut.


If you want the easy, casual stick-out style like mine, it is the same length all over. Measure it. Mine is 2 ¾ inches long all over.  Pull straight out from your head and cut. Each section must be pulled straight out or you will not have an even cut.  It is very easy to cut.

Start at your forehead. Comb straight up and cut. Move up an inch, cut.

Keep going toward the crown of your head. Next- back to your forehead and start down the side of your head. Do the other side.



You need a bathroom rear vision mirror like this one, so you can see to cut the back.Begin at the crown and go down an inch at a time. No, you don’t have to cut in perfect lines—that’s the best part about this style.

Q: My hair grows so fast, I don’t know if I could afford to have it cut often enough to keep it this way! Any ideas?

The number one reason more don’t wear this style is the expense involved in frequent cuts! So, cut it yourself! I trim mine every two to three weeks, or it starts looking too big and bushy. If you mess up on the cut, it will never show.  Again, the fun of this style!

Haircutting shears: You need to invest in a good pair. 31Iqpzj8JMLI suggest you use the ones I use, Tweezerman stainless 2000 styling shears. They will stay sharp for years and for about $25 you cannot go wrong!

Q: Is that your natural color? (Well of course it is, what WAS I thinking?!) Oh, and natural highlights, too, right? What if I wanted to color my hair to match your natural hair color and highlights, what products would you suggest and the exact colors? Do you think I could possibly do this myself?

Yes, anyone can do this at home. For my reddish brown color I buy two L’Oreal products and then mix them half and half: 1 oz. of L’Oreal Feria Power Reds # R48  …

914iBTGuOgL._SL1500_ copyand 1 oz. of L’Oreal Feria Bronze Shimmer Medium Golden Brown #58.

91R4hVl8VGL._SL1500_Mix those two 1-oz. portions together with 2 oz. of developer in one of the applicator bottles that comes in the kit. Follow the directions in the kit. Yes, I buy two boxes, mix only half of each color (you will have next month covered). Shake well, apply and then leave on for 40 minutes. Go read a book or do some laundry.

For blonde highlights, buy this Clairol Nice & Easy hair painting!

51YfQTNiUKL Add some highlights anywhere you want every three months or so.  I usually section off an inch or two with aluminum foil ½ inch from my hairline top/front before applying the bleach. Leave on until you get the desired color, maybe 15 minutes.

(I wrap my blonde highlights in aluminum foil when the roots needs to be re-touched each month- just to avoid getting color on them.)

I lightly wash my hair every morning with a normal shampoo for colored hair and no conditioner.

THEN I apply  Pureology blow dry amplifier product, (A nickel’s size in the palm of your hand)

31iPE+5d3tLthen I blow it dry (using this type of hair brush)

81hI-k6sasL._SL1500_intentionally, into the exact shape I want. Don’t just blow your hair randomly.

Q: How do you get your hair all spiky? My hair is limp but I really want it to be like yours (do you mind?)

Of course not! Actually, I would love it. Here’s how I do it: After it is blown dry, I put a quarter sized dollop of KMS molding paste

31hBJsF9jGLinto my hands and mash it together. This is the BEST product on the market. I start at the bottom of the back-pulling it into my hair as I work up to the crown. One more quarter size dollop and I’m pulling out, spiking the top and sides. Done in 20 minutes.

My hairspray of choice is KENRA 25. I lightly spray all over when I finish with the paste. I never touch it again all day.



Don’t over think it.  The less perfect it looks, the cuter the outcome.

Don’t give up if the first time takes too much time. Usually, it takes three practices and then, Volia! You will be thrilled at how easily you can do this cut and spiky style yourself!

Ok, that takes care of about 10% of your questions! Next week I’ll answer more.

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