Christmas Decorating Made SO Easy!

Finally, I will tell MY secrets!

Yes, I admit, I decorate Christmas over the top! From our front porch to the fence in the back yard, everything is Christmas at our house this time of year.


Friends and family, over the years, have wondered why our house seems “more” decorated than theirs.  Now, I will divulge my secrets.

I have it down to a science, and would love to explain how easy it is!

Our main, lighted, tree – artificial, since our children left home – goes up the first of November. It becomes our Thanksgiving tree and is covered in fall foliage and crayon colored pictures of pilgrims etc. by our grandchildren. This is not only a hit with our grandkids; but, I have found it cuts my Christmas decorating time in half once December arrives!

The day after Thanksgiving, the foliage and beautiful pictures return to a

Fall decoration storage box; and, extra large empty cardboard boxes come down from the attic!


Secret #1: Quickly, I go through the first floor of our home and pack away all my year round nick knacks, décor, books, whatever, and put all of it in the large empty boxes. Even my pillows from the couch are packed away – unless, I want to cover them with holiday fabric. Anything not “Christmas” is gone. I wrap the large boxes, full of our year round stuff, in this year’s Christmas candy wrapping paper and put them under the tree!

Remember, the lit Christmas tree is already in place!

Now, there is a clean slate to decorate for Christmas, and the ambiance has already started with wrapped presents under the tree! Seriously, this takes 20 minutes!

I get out my Shark vacuum and am ready for this year’s decorating! (I had to throw that in.  I am smitten by my Shark!) I can’t do the holidays without it! Now, it’s time for the paper and ornaments fitting this year’s theme.

Secret #2– Wrap all the pictures, hanging on your walls, in Christmas wrapping paper!


Yes, your large non-Christmas artwork, décor pieces and all that you leave up on your walls year round. Extremely large paintings may be wrapped over the front without even taking them down. Use double sided tape that won’t deface your frames. Put a bow or Christmas lollipop in the middle of each one and you have a house half decorated for the season!

You will not believe how these first two secrets completely transform your home! The number one question I hear is, “Where do you store all your year-round décor?” Now, you know!  It never leaves the room! It is under my tree!

I change my Christmas theme every year in our main great room. I am not sure how that started; but, it may have had something to do with three small children and my temperament being half YELLOW.

Secret #3– I purchase wrapping paper for the following year, on sale, the day after Christmas. Whatever is the best deal gives me the theme for the next Christmas.

Sometimes, it is simply changing colors. Last year, my theme was “Gold Packages.”


I wrapped every box in sight – empty or not! I wrapped my pictures! All ornaments were gold. If you look at last year’s Christmas blog, you will experience a virtual a tour through our home and see for yourself!

This year’s wrapping paper is covered in “Christmas Candy” with lots of red, white and green! Voila – a new theme!

There isn’t room here to explain how cans of spray paint add to my changing colors every year as well. I never buy new ornaments!

By the way, some inquiring minds are questioning how Jesus fits into our theme each year.  Rest assured- He is always CENTER STAGE!


Enjoy decorating! I would love to hear from anyone who tries my secrets!



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